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    • Ah.  That makes sense.  I appreciate it.  
    • Hi, I am hoping to meet other Suddenlink customers in the Houston metro area to compare data and experiences. I for one have found Suddenlink's business and support to be SuddenShock - and am wondering if it is just me, or ... As well, I believe my data rates will have to become an issue soon. I would be very pleased to hear from others who have taken bandwidth complaints forward to Suddenlink.   --john      
    • Everything is about money, as you said already. You also said another interesting thing. You said "our" internet, which is an advanced topic and IMO not the same as net neutrality. So whose internet is it ? All of the opinions that I am aware of are bracketed between two extreme positions. The first being it belongs to the government(s), because in the end, they can and will turn it off if it serves their agenda. The other "bookend" being the position we hear from Firefox, which is, it belongs to the people. ( a human right, if you will)   All of my opinions/positions are Works In Progress, always subject to change as new information arrives. In the right here and right now -- I believe the answer is "Everything is about money." The dot-com industry has the ability to influence the government ( true owner ) more than the Open Source activists or public in general.   My $0.02 - have a wonderful day.
    • Test Identifier - It's the string of digits, letters and dashes.  Every test has a unique test ID:     If you see a non-clickable image somewhere, you can type testmy.net/db/ followed by this ID in the image to get more detail on a test, e.g. http://testmy.net/db/wMiM9vIQX   If you see "TID" written somewhere less obvious, post a screenshot for us to have a look at. 
    • I realize it may be a pointless question, but what does TID stand for?  I know TIP is Test In Progress, but I can't figure out TID.     Thanks.  
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