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    • Throttling at the "signalling level" as you suggest seems to be a pretty good guess going by the graph that I attached.  This is typical of what I get. I just wish they would throttle at what I'm paying for.  It's like buying something that costs $9.50 total, giving them $10.00 and not getting my change back.   I have only recently discovered TestMy.net. It's a fantastic service that's being provided and has explained my irritation with Centurylink over the years. It is only recently that the service has become stable where I live (west central Missouri) so I guess they're doing something to improve with the exception of providing faster speeds.  Every Mbps counts in a rural setting.
    • Hello I find a way now, to get enough speed over the day. We reset the router every night, if we are not working and so we have enough speed to 5pm in the afternoon. For the time after 5pm I booked a 2nd line with skyDSL. So we pay now every month 130 € only to have internet and can work from home! I don´t know how Spain can sponsor them and they make this kind of "spam"-business!?
    • Same problem here.  I pay over $120/mo for one of their "Unlimited" plans, Silver I think, and I've never gotten the speeds they promise.  I work from home and it's so frustrating.  Won an Amazon Fire stick at a work event, but can't watch anything due to this crappy internet.  It should be illegal for them to operate this way.
    • Interesting question. There are several ways to do it. Each has less or more merit depending on the goal. Given that an ISP's goal is the  managing speed limits on a per customer basis, and the fact they tend to discuss (and sell) "speed" in terms of bits-per-second, my guess would be they are throttling at the signalling level versus measuring and capping a "byte flow" inside their switching gear. If I am right about that (and that's a big if) then the modem at their end, that your modem talks to, would set the max transmission speed. I really don't think it would be practical for them to do otherwise. That's my $0.02    
    • I'm with Centurylink that sells me 6Mbps ADSL broadband. They say that is all they can provide since I am rural (only 2.5 miles from the central office).  My question is how do they cap the limit by subscriber? I consistently get only 5 out of the 6Mbps that I pay for.   Recently their service messed up and Centurylink was briefly giving me an erratic 12-22Mbps download speed so I don't think the old copper lines are an issue. I'm also using the Westell 7500 modem that they gave me years ago. Would the old modem be stealing some speed and keeping me from the 6 that I pay for? How is the speed limit capped? Mechanical? Software?   I'm mainly interested in how the speeds are capped.  Thanks...
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