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    • I'll look into why that's happening.  I hate dealing with browser specific bugs like that.
    • No problem, I ran a handful of tests across a few browsers including my mobile and that appears to be fixed now.   One very minor thing I noticed while testing the different browsers is Microsoft Edge Beta shows two percentages in the logo during the upload test, e.g. 64 and 12 in the figure below.  I suspect this is more likely a bug in Edge as no browser does this: 
    • Hey Sean, sorry  about that.  Consent management is supposed to be ignored in the program on the mirrors.  I just pushed the update to correct that can you please confirm it's fixed.   And by the way, I wanted to welcome you as a Moderator!  Welcome!         
    • As of this morning, each time I run a download or upload test, I get the privacy pop-up during the test:   This occurs whether I'm logged in or out and also on my mobile. It does not occur when I run a multithread test. 
    • Reply Text: I'm not sure how relevant this is, but I once had a router that claimed to evenly distribute data between the wired connections and wireless connections. I was not happy to find that out and looked for a way to turn it off, finding none. I wanted that OFF since the thought of some guest sitting on the back porch listening to music on their phone might interfere with  a critical download or a lengthy render from a subscribed App --- well, you get the idea, right? So you may or may not be experiencing your router doing you a favor - with some load balancing feature or hidden fairness algorithm like mine had before I slung it out into the yard.🤨 Oh, and btw, you should absolutely not need to reboot that device everyday. --john
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