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    • 4G's been around for quite some time now.    
    • Naturally we cannot tell any big business not to do something. In fact, suggesting that some time be taken to think it through is characterized as unreasonable delays, not in keeping with the speed of business, etc. I'm sure you have heard it. I imagine somebody had to talk to somebody to get 4G off the ground. I would love to have the transcripts of those conversations. I suspect poking around on some .gov sites, I could probably find the "fit for the public's eyes" accounting of it.   I can imagine myself as a government official facing a room full of lawyers representing Cell carriers wanting to do 4G.    I believe I would say, "aren't you the same guys who were in here a month ago crying and screaming with contorted faces saying if you didn't get more bandwidth you couldn't keep the phones working? Well, you got it - but now you want to do what ? Compete with the ISPs for internet traffic?"   So, why is 4G a good idea?    
    • Hi, Microsoft Windows 10 on a fairly vanilla Desktop PC with all the usual suspects present. Mouse, keyboard, screen, several game controllers, huge speakers and that sort of thing. I would like to know how to work around the issue I described, BUT the problem sort of took care of itself, so my interest evaporated. Soon after I posted, I added a second display to the system. I put the automatic test over there where it can remain open, focused, and happy. And so can I. (using the other display)   Although I am no longer concerned about it, I would like to sincerely thank you for trying to assist. Have a good'n.   --John    
    • fwiw, i've been getting really low results from ALL servers for the last couple weeks. usually test from dallas, tx and am only getting about 35mbps. just tested from new york and got same result. also tested from ontario, canada and got one of the best results in a while, 60mbps. this is on a 100mbps cable connection. i'm in michigan and hate testing from closest server as is usually recommended because i feel that is kind of dumb because it's like how often do you ever download anything from right next door?
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