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  1. the message that says to buy the product for 29.99
  2. is there any way to get rid of the annoying message thing on the vids
  3. that is if you have one. What program can I use to convert the videos to a compatible format? I searched for some but they all were stupid trials.
  4. http://uploadingit.com/files/48/100_0201%20%28850%20x%20638%29.jpg if my mom sees that is a pic of her online she will kill me, lol
  5. Just want to see how everyone felt about high school.
  6. I'll post one when i can get a hold of my mom's camera. For the time being here is a pic of my dog.
  7. refresh my memory, wat are your advertised speeds? Either way, nice!
  8. :haha: http://rinkworks.com/stupid/
  9. tell us your motherboard model #, and manufacturer.
  10. Happy Birthday. Do i dare ask how old you are? :bday:
  11. Haha now that is a first, but seriously life in prison is overkill. He needs some serious help tho
  12. but is on the 768 package is the question
  13. thats verizon dsl for ya click the links in my sig
  14. Yeah i got the black one too, its way better than the ipod. Im glad i bought it.
  15. my dad has a intelevision, i think that is how it is spelled
  16. I used to spam a lot when i first came here, now i have slowed down. I spam other forums now J/K all my posts are relevant and helpful.
  17. you were prob getting so many in a short period of time, so the spam filter assumed it was spam
  18. My parents never put plywood on any of the windows becuase we too many, serioulsy we have 10 windows in the fron of our house, it would be insane to board up all the windows, to be honest i love hurricanes, lol, u get out of school, you get to watch the wind rip up all the trees, my pool usually floods. Really they arent that bad at all just as long as they dont level ur house they are cool
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