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  1. he already asked me thats y it revolves at 5 sec. instead of 10. i didnt know how to make his name revolve tho; i asked like three forums about it but no one knew...
  2. lol now thats a lot of nickels... think about if it were the same amount of money but in pennies thatd be at least 100 tons right?
  3. seriously now... somebodys gonna find a way to make a toxic gas then use this for terrorist shizz... seriously not cool... plus they could use fart smell too; farts have methane in them u know....
  4. i wrote a two part tutorial on one of the functions in imageready. if ur interested: http://www.gfxgamers.net/forums/showthread.php?t=143 btw, dagger, the motion blurring animation is really cool for the names, but u should make it pause between animations. barely see his name...
  5. i went to the moox site, then clicked on the big print that said FireFox M2, then downloaded the .exe file lol CA3LE, its actually like a relief that someone else is doing it too because the main gfx forum i go to is pressuring us "designers" (the ppl who make sigs for other ppl) to fulfill more requests faster cuz we've been slacking a bit.
  6. im just sayin i was hopin id see some huge, immediate difference but im not getting that.
  7. i just got firefox m2 and the only difference ive seen is the icon, which is simply the firefox icon without the fox...
  8. plz, ur embarassing me.
  9. unforunately, my sound doesnt work so i didnt notice bad sound quality http://www.google.com/intl/en/addurl.html
  10. undo, huh? is that basically like going to the recycle bin and pressing restore all items? cuz i could [technically] just do that myself
  11. wow, man the detail on those is amazing, but idk if its just me, but on the second one, the eyes seem the tiniest bit too big. probably just me...
  12. lol, sure, PM me about that, or im gonna forget. my memory sucks short-term. long and medium im great, probably unnatural at the stuff i can remember, but short-term... probably y i get the grades i do (mostly B's, dont get me wrong, im not a dumbass, i just dont apply myself )
  13. man i suck at that game... normally im good at FPSs, but wow, bullet holes on the wall would actually go through the targets..
  14. works for me too but i think ill switch to XP Smoker that Rev pointed out so i dont have to worry about running it myself yea, im just that lazy
  15. wow, i have no idea whats been going on i was busy makin sigs... ahh the power of photoshop...
  16. work on the layout, resize the pics because they all take up too much space on the main page, then stick them side by side. also, u should get adobe photoshop so u can make stuff for your site. remember, websites used to be about information, but nowadays u could have the site with the most info but the plainest layout so no one would care about your site. 'Eye appeal is buy appeal!'
  17. i think we should keep it. its kinda cool seeing whos helped out the most and whos... made a couple mistakes. i think that there're still a couple bugs to be worked out, but just a trial so far.
  18. Huge list of ad urls... import it to your adblock extension. step-by-step intructions: 1. go here, http://www.geocities.com/pierceive/adblock/ , scroll all the way down to the last .txt file with a date on it, such as 2005-01-17a.txt 2. right-click and press 'Copy Link Location' 3. Tools>Extensions>AdBlock Options>AdBlock Options>Import Filters...>Ctrl + V (Paste)>Open>OK 4. Check back on the site every week or so to see if they added anything.
  19. ok... back on topic plz... ty... i think thats a great idea. with all the smarty-pants-know-it-alls, ( just a joke ), we have here, we should have a lot more ppl posting with computer problems because as we all know, microsoft aint goin away anytime soon
  20. lol those poor bastards in the pic dont know im lookin at them right now...
  21. okay, i just ran a simultaneous scan with ad-aware, spybot, microsoft, and just for the hell of it, system mechanic pro 5. heres my results:
  22. HAHAHA!!! 420MBs here! lol my computer sucks so badly!
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