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  1. well might as well get the new equipment when continuing with smartbro! but for me i'd rather change my isp rather than continuing with them! unless a good promo comes up with faster speeds that costs less!
  2. as far as i remember, nope havent tried that, i only followed the 20 steps and adjusted some stuff and it gave me nice results so i never tried any other tweaks!
  3. so after the lock in period expires and you continue using smartbro there are no more lock in periods?
  4. in addition: you can't get the right settings for cablenut right away, as for me i tried finding it [with the help of PATIENCE] for about 3 days and booting up my PC 40+ times! for others they got it with only trying once! also 1 setting isnt enough you could have multiple working settings regarding peak/off peak hours, rainy days etc..
  5. I dunno, some say 4k some say 7k now 15k? thats a lot
  6. That's what i meant about the hard stuff! thats a lot of money if you break it!
  7. oh was that him! i hope he posts his guide the sooner the better can't wait to try his ideas!
  8. I suggest the other guy post his guide so we could try it too and if his guide already exists could someone send me a link so i could try it!
  9. when and where did this debate started anyway? all i can say is BRING IT ON! nyahaha just kiddin
  10. Ha Ha Ha .......... as an advice to the other guy you might as well post your own guide rather than making negative feedbacks that would confuse new members and visitors! and expect i'll try your guide too! [rest assure if it doesnt work i wont complain]
  11. Well "In my OWN OPINION" since you guys talked about freedom of speech blah blah blah.., it's hard to follow tweaks involving the kind of stuff about going up the roof dismantling, twisting your antenna to change base stations in a fact that [like me] I only have one base station i could hook up to! besides its scary on the roof you might fall, the antenna/canopy might fall or somethin then your momma's gonna scream at yah "what the hell are you doin with the antenna, get down there immediately". As i said earlier the 20 steps is a lot more easier to do, just a matter of clicking your mouse downloading some softwares and finding the right settings, in cases that it didnt work, well maybe you DIDNT get the right settings. all you have to do is try again until it works! Don't blame the guy if the 20 steps doesnt work for you, you could always go up the roof if you want to! :cheesy::cheesy: edit: changing AP's would work too but in cases that the one you are using has the highest RSSI and lowest JITTER would you change your AP to a lower one?
  12. woho! whats the matter with you guys? @coolbuster: well i tried his 20 steps and it help me a lot! @jun101ph:do you have your own tweaking procedure so i could test it if it "REALLY" works? "i hope its not the twisting the antenna thing to other base stations coz its much harder than sitting and applying the 20 steps" its pretty funny when guys nag too!
  13. well on my point of view why should i store my files on the shared folder for the name states itself "SHARED" so it means definitely someone will and can read it except if your firewall is enabled, maybe you just scrambled a little bit of the settings on who and who cant view your files! i've never (and NEVER will) tried to put my files on the shared folder!
  14. the hell with that video lan! before i got it i have a speed of 500+ then suddenly after surfing some sites i noticed my connection was slow as in very very slow 56Kbps out of the 540Kbps that i had! so i checked my system if my settings got messed up then used CCleaner then hit the full scan button on kasper and puff i got an adware and the only thing that was change in my system was there was two lan settings the one from smart bro and the VIDEO LAN that i don't know what does it do! i just disinfected the adware and deleted the other lan (VIDEO LAN) connection and i got my speed back! don't put too much add ons in firefox! and about those converters you could choose imtoo above the rest it has almost all the converters you need avi-3gp-ipod-...etc i'm using that too but mines cracked so i dont have to worry about the trial period!
  15. heres a pic setting bios to boot up 1st using cd-rom! remember to save your setting before you exit! every BIOS setup differ depending on your mobo so dont expect the pic matches your bios setup (i was kinda lazy to capture a screenie of my own bios setup so i searched some screenies)
  16. here's a complete step-by-step instruction to reformat your pc (OS: windows xp) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/313348
  17. well my experience calling csr was 1st they asked me of my full name (name middle name surname) then my ip address and my physical address and my smartbro id no. i asked them why the hell should i give my ip address and physical address csr tld me that it was for tracking purposes so that they would see if i have a connection... sounds funny huh! then i hang up on them not telling them the rest of the info except for my full name, and TADA after 2 mins. they texted me that my basestation was down! then a minute after they called me asking what do i msg do i see when i open my browser..., I sad "Nah thanks for the help but im gonna sleep now maybe later i'll chit chat with yah!" he he he
  18. 1. set your bios setting to boot up 1st using cd-rom 2. when you're in the dos prompt browse the cd-rom which has your windows os installer (ex. win9x,winxp etc...) 3. when your in the systems folder of the windows os installer (ex. d:win9x) type format c: (this will format your drive c, remember to back up the important files you have in drive c for it will completely erase it) 4. just follow the steps that will pop up (no need to re-install your driver's coz it will auto detect your hardware and install the specific drivers, in cases that you purchased a hardware with a driver installer with it, put the cd installer of your hardware once windows detects it via plug and play)
  19. ayay! it means i got to endure the 1 year inconsistent connection from smart bro before i can convert to pldt mydsl! oh well im still at the 400-500kbps range but lately my base station always get f*ck*d up!
  20. If you convert your smart bro to pldt mydsl will you pay an extra fee? i'm planin on converting to mydsl too!
  21. try various cablenut settings (experimenting) and save whats the suitable settings applicable, dont stick to 1 setting find a suitable setting that would boost your speed during off peak & peak hours!
  22. "You can never get enough of what you don't need to make you happy." "Even if you have a white collar job, it doesnt make any difference youre still a GLORIFIED SLAVE"
  23. a virus that disables your control panel and task manager is a worm type of virus ! A computer worm is a self-replicating computer program. It uses a network to send copies of itself to other nodes (computer terminals on the network) and it may do so without any user intervention. Unlike a virus, it does not need to attach itself to an existing program. Worms always harm the network (if only by consuming bandwidth), whereas viruses always infect or corrupt files on a targeted computer. update your anti-virus scan thumb drives when you see a "MY DOCUMENTS" folder on a thumb drive and browse it and pops up again and again it's infected! you could try kaspersky anti-virus BTW: i've been infected a while ago and my speed dropped from 500+ to 50 kbps!
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