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  1. Hey, thanks for responding. CA3LE: What does "MTU should be set at 1500 with cable internet" mean? EBrown: The Airport Extreme Base Station is a brand new one-802.11 a thru n. The iPad is an iPad 2. I had another very slow period just a few minutes ago. I didn't get a chance to test the computer during the event, but my wife said she was experiencing slow operation on her work PC laptop at the same time. The problem cleared itself again in a short time. I'm pretty sure it's Time Warner but the problem is never there long enough to troubleshoot completely. Ironically and probably coincidentally, the problem went away right after I turned Notifications and Location Services OFF on the iPad. This is the second time that doing that has made the problem go away, but it still may be just coincidence. When I turned them back on, the Internet was still running fast. I was thinking there might be some sort of constant CPU interrupts going on with the Notifications from Calendar or Facebook - these notifications are displayed in the pull-down at the top black activity bar where the clock and battery status show. If you don't go to the postings on FB, the notifications stay there. I'm going to turn them off and leave them off for a few days. The next time we have an event I'll immediately run testmy on the computer before I do anything. Time Warner has been working on theor equipment out in our front yard twice lately. The guy said that signal levels were low out there, and one of our neighbors had trouble with their service recently too. So it kinda points toward them. CA3LE: in order to paste a graphic into a posting what do you do? I was able to paste the URL of the graph into the posting, but can't figure out what to do after hitting the share button. Note - on the iPad, when you select a "Reply to this topic" field, the menu on the top of the reply box doesn't show - that's where the "Image" icon is. On the iPad there's some sharing icons below the Reply box field - it looks like this:
  2. https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=01022012&x=60&l=100&z=16&q=Pgoodwin1 Hopefully you can see the testmy results above I can't figure out how to show the graph in a reply field using the iPad - maybe because I don't have Flash?
  3. Why not get this going again? LOL the endless discussion. Choose the PC if you have a significant PC software investment or you want it to be your gaming platform. Or you use software that is critical to your needs and is PC-only. Or if you are on a really tight budget and don't need much in terms of hardware and software. Apple doesn't even attempt to compete in the low budget low profit high volume computer market. Choose a Mac otherwise. When you look at the life-cycle cost of a Mac, it's not all that different than a PC when you consider all of the hardware and software costs of both. The Mac OS is Unix based and is rock stable. I haven't had a virus on a Mac since 1991, and haven't purchased or installed any virus protection software since 1993 or so. Hardware quality is very high. I've had closed to 20 Macs between our personal ones since 1988 and the only failure I've ever had was a hard drive in the 1988 model after 5 years. Also consider the cost of obsolescence. Regardless of which platform you buy, if you pay a little more up front for the better hardware, the machine will still be performing well for a longer time in terms of processing power, and graphics. My last 2002 Flat Panel iMac was still performing well after 7 years. By 2010, the more complex web page load times and the inability to run HQ video real time finally forced me to buy a new one - mostly because the grand kids complained about the websites they used that were "too slow grandpa". The 2003 G4 tower we have is still doing pretty well performance wise. So buying one machine rather than two over a period of 6 yrs or more is a significant savings. Mac HD and memory costs are the same as a PC-they use the same hardware, so upgrade costs are a wash. I prefer the Mac because of it's quality, ease of use, virus-free operation, their great displays, and Apple's overall tightly integrated hardware-software environment. Both hardware platforms are remarkable machines.
  4. Sorry about the "SpeedTest" above, I meant "testmy" Qualifier: If the browser isn't affecting the results, then the browser SpeedTest is fine. But from a business perspective, I would think the app would be the better case. An interface to the website in the app would bring people here. I too browse for apps on Google and websites before going to the AppStore. The stores take too much of your time finding what you want. But with a good rating, people will come from the store.
  5. Does anyone have any tips on iPad preferences setups that influence the Internet speed throughput? As I've seen here on this site, mobile results can vary greatly using SpeedTest. Looking at my data under iPad Detected (I have a WiFi only iPad), I have results with rr.com that vary from well under 1 Mbps To a max of about 11 Mbps and an average of around 5 Mbps for download, Uploads vary from well under 1 Mbps up to about 0.8 Mbps. Comparing this to my iMac's performance at times it's slower but not terribly slower, but often (much more often than the computer) it's on the slow side (seems very erratic or interrupted/intermittent) and this happens seemingly at random times during the day, with best results in the wee hours of the morning. The iMac numbers are 8.5 and 13 Mbps avg and max for downloads, and about 0.9 Mbps avg and max for uploads. I'm using an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (new) for Wifi and some older 3-5 yr old design Netgear switches and a router that are all 10/100. I haven't bothered investing in any gigabit Ethernet hardware because I'm Time Warner limited. My test times on the iMac using WiFi are very close to the results using the ethernet. My cable modem is a 6-7 year old one that Time Warner provided. The iPad average of 5 versus the 8.5 Mbps numbers are certainly understandable considering the pure hardware differences of the two machines. Occasionally I get some poor erratic performance on the iMac but it's a much more common occurrence on the iPad. I've done a little semi-scientific investigating but haven't come up with anything that would explain the more common slower and erratic times of the iPad. There are times when I think that rr.com is the problem as all the computers (iMac, PC laptop and MacBook Pro, and mobile wifi devices (2 iPhones and 2 iPads) are all running slow. Tonight I had terrible performance on the iPad, and turned off all 5 of the Notifications I'm using and Location Services. Results went back to well above average, but I don't know if it was coincidental or not. I turned them back on and the results were still good. Repeating my initial question: Does anyone have any tips on iPad preferences setups that influence the Internet speed throughput? Re-booting the iPad and Clearing Safari history and data doesn't seem to help The only thing that has ever seemed to clear up the issue was rebooting the Time Warned cable modem, but I can't say that actually fixed anything, as the poor performance windows don't normally last longer than a few minutes, and it may have been coincidental that it improved after turning the cable model off then back on When things are running normally, everything is slightly above what the rr.com averages are - looking at the stats on this website. Oh, and thenWiFi signal strength is not the issue. When things are slow and erratic, it's the same sitting right next to the wireless TxRx as it is out in the garage. The problem is so intermittent that it's driving me crazy because I can't get it to stay in the failed condition long enough to really nail anything down. This makes me suspect a Time Warner problem, but whenever I call them, they have me run their test which always shows the ridiculously high numbers because (as noted on this website) they throw out the slowest 30% if I remember correctly
  6. I use the iPad a LOT, and see absolutely no reason to run SpeedTest in anything but the browser. The only possible reason that I could imagine that you'd do it is for the exposure. By "do it" I mean develop an app for iOS. No need as afar as I'm concerned.
  7. Hi Roco. You've probably figured it out by now that the Internet speed on the G3 iBook won't be the cause of your pain. That comes when it's rendering pages out of all that data. I finally retired my 2002 800 MHz G4 Flat Panel iMac about 14 months ago. It was still plenty fast enough to do email, but web page complexity finally killed it. Plus the grand kids kept hounding me that my computer was too slow to do their Club Penguin. LOL But I got 8 great years out of it. Heck the 1998 Bondi Blue G3 iMac still works, and so does my wife's 1994 PowerBook 540c. Now I have a pretty quick late 2010 iMac, and it seems that the only thing slowing it down is cinci.rr.com. traffic loads. Late at night they have pretty good throughput but afternoons and evenings it's up and down.
  8. Thanks CA3LE. I haven't quite mastered all the sharing options. I'll keep playing around with it.
  9. Thanks for all the welcomes.
  10. These results are from the iMac via Ethernet. With Wireless I get similar results, slightly less at times on this
  11. I've run many tests, but I don't know how to get the results picture into this forum posting
  12. I have to learn how to do that. I did a lot of testing today. I go thru cinci.rr.com. I tested my iMac, my iPad, my iPhone, and my wife's MacBook Pro. the computers do pretty good but he mobile devices'results are all over the place - from not too good to awful - very intermittent. How do you get that results graphic you posted?
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