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Some Tech Support People Are Idiots


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Have you ever called Tech Support and got a complete idiot? Leave your story in the forum. Mine was when DSL first came to my area, and I got it from SBC. I called and said "I can't Access the Internet. The rep said "Have you tried our online help pages?" I Just hung up and called back...

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Ahahaha Try DirecWay support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Night:

Me:  It says my satellite is decommisioned, wtf?

Guy: What Kind Of router do you have?

Me:  Linksys.....

Guy: Yeah, You are going to have to call Linksys so ther can help you

Me: ok...................lol yeah i hung up

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ME:  Yeah Im having a problem w/my dsl.  I cant seem to do anything internet related

Support Guy:  Is ur modem hooked up

ME:  Uhh....Yeah :whaa:

Support Guy:  Is the modem Turned on

Me:  Do u think I am an idiot?  of course it is turned on

Support Guy:  Sir, as a "trained professional"  i am authorized to ask u these questions so we can help diagnose your problem.......So wat was the problem again?

Me:  hang up

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I have a tech story about SBC.I called to ask about their "data line quality test" & was told all they had was ont they could doo & it would tell them if the line was "OK".

That would be the result they got was "line OK'.After talking to 5 or 6 techs at SBC & several calls including a couple where they transfered me before I could stop them to their Yahoo DSL division in India.The Yahoos in India really didn't know what I was asking for.Finally by accident the transfered me to a tech center in Little RocK with a maybe they could help me.They knew exactaly what I was asking for & gave me a toll free number for the test.Its the one I posted that is done from Hyperterminal.

Most of the so called SBC techs had never even heard of the test & I'm talking about American ones.So much for training.

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Yo I have another story.

While calling tech support And ending up in India Somewhere.

ME: Hi, Im having a problem installing windows updates

TECH: I'm Sorry to hear that sir, What version of windows are you runnig?

ME: Oh Im running Millinium Edition,

TECH: I'm sorry sir, what did you say?

ME: Millinium Edition, I'm running Windows Millinium Edition.

TECH: I'm sorry sir I have no idea what version of Windows you have, maybe it's an apple brand computer?

ME: Apple? I am using Windows M.E.

TECH: OHHH!! Windows ME?

        she actually said me.....

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Swimmer that cell phone story is terrible, i hope nothing like that happens to me

Thats what this topic is about problems with tech support.Some stories will be terrible some funny.

Swimmer did what I do keep complaining till you get the results you want.

A good rule of thumb is never yell or hang up.This confuses the lower level techs because they are used to making customers angry.Sometimes I think they are trained to do this.When you hit the I can't do that answer then calmly ask to talk to that techs supervisor.Keep doing this till you get to a management level that the tech

you are talking to can do what you ask(or at least tells you they can.Also ask their name & employee number &extension number.There are sure a lot of Bob Smiths & Jane Does living in India these days.  :haha:  :haha:

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