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Getting another HDD Installed.


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Right now I am trying to get a 10GB HDD to work on my PC. I have a 250GB and I was trying to use them both but now I am just trying to get this 10GB to work alone. For some reason it will just not work! I tried all the options...Slave, Master, CS and I still get nothing. I am trying to install Media Center on it but it gets through setup for the installing then says can't find the HDD. So am I doing something wrong or what? Or is the HDD to old or something?

EDIT: I even planned on ordering a 320Gb HDD tomorrow but if I can't even get this other one working then I kinda have no hope for when I get a new one.

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We arent "do'ing the work for him" we are helping him so he doesnt mess something up.. im sure you have came here for help.. please be a little bit more respectful

Edit: a message has been sent to ca3le, on how you are very disrespectful. Not just this time.. ive seen it in other posts too.. flaming and disrespecting members.

please cut it out.

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