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"parents. love 'em hate 'em, stuck with 'em"


How do you really feel about your mom and dad?  

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  1. 1. How do you really feel about your mom and dad?

    • great parents, really pay attention to us
    • well, I wouldn't trade them in for goldfish
    • ya know - i could get a new car for the trouble they put me through
    • every once in a while I want to scream
    • Can you say Rachael Waterman - she killed her mom

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My parents passed-a-away over 20yrs. ago. My Father was always at every game I was in even if he had to take time off work to be there. My Mother was the kindest person I ever knew. Some times when I would get home my friend would be there just to visit and talk about their problems with her. Hero's they were. I miss them very much.

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my mother was my best friend, my mentor, my hero...there was nothing she couldn't do, and she stood beside me always...she taught me to love always...all ways. my father was my sibling in many ways (i'm an only)...but to me he was the strongest man in the world....my protector...at 5'6" he was the biggest man i knew, self made business owner, he knew allot about allot...to me he was a genius...my buddy.

they've both gone on now, my mother in 1992 and my father in 2001...i miss them both very much everyday...can't wait to see them again. :)

i wish everyone could have the closeness with their parrents that i had with mine...that i have with my children.

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One day when I was talking to my nephew, he was about 14, I told him his father was about to become the dumbest man on earth. But that that would go away in about 10 years. He looked at me with the biggest shocked look on his face, and my brother just about busted a gut Lol. My nephew just looked at me and said "No way, my father is the smartest man on earth". Well he is 19 now and my brother is starting to get smarter again!

My parents haven't been married since I was about 3, but I still adore them both. Who would I be without them and my 2 out of 3 stepdads. One really does not count!

Now i just try to be the wisest father I can be, as long as I can, to my 4 and 6 year old daughters.

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Both mine have passed away my dad in 1980 & mt mom in 2002.I wish both were alive today.I won't go into it but they were not always ideal parents.I got along with them better after I left home.By the time my mom passed away we actually got along pretty well.She mellowed a lot with age.

I personally decided not to have children .I beleive the Earth's population already has too many people.I feel sorry for those being born now & their children & grandchildren.Because by that time there will be 18 billion people or more on Earth if it keeps expanding like it has.Heres a quote I like "The end of living .The begining of survival."

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If I could have one thing in the world it would be for my parents to get back together.

I love them very much!!!

but if we got back together, you wouldn't have your jimmy, and he loves you too punkin. Everything happens for a reason.. always.. :)

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