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World cup??


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Ok lets talk soccer here

But first

Where can i watch it online???

i can watch it on tv but some of my friends cant and i dont know if my schedule will change

BBC will that only b for England or can i watch on the US too?


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soccer is too violent for me. i prefer good old american rules football.

football is more violent than soccer you say? i beg to differ. playing football i know that the guy coming at me is going to lay a hit on me as hard as he can. so i can prepare for it. in soccer you can never be sure if he is simply going to tackle you (yes that is the term) to get the ball or if he is going to tackle you ignoring the ball and going for blood. i've had both happen. and i do prefer wearing pads to prevent the guy going for blood from getting it. (and headbutting with a helmet is more fun than risking breaking your own head)

and if you have to decide what is more violent, look at the riots you get around soccer games and look at the lack of riots around football games.

just my US$0.02 worth. but you read it and now the amazing human brain means you are stuck with it for a long time. enjoy! :twisted:

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a GAME, played by 22 men, it involves chasing a ball around a field ,

for vast sums of money, supported by  people with nothing better to do , IMHO

roll on July when the tour de France starts, now that is a SPORT

Roco  UK

sport? you call that sport? i call it a competition between team doctors to see who can get away with the most doping... :twisted:

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Roco, i bet you got your fingers crossed for Rooney to get better

I thought  Mickey Rooney had passed on , LOL,

Sorry,  JUST , football is not my sport, I dont know who is playing who,

We haven't won for 40 years , so I guess this time won't be any different ,

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sport? you call that sport? i call it a competition between team doctors to see who can get away with the most doping... :twisted:

Ooh Bitch, LOL, you may be right, but it proves the the stamina of the riders taking the dope, 


the only true cycle sporting event has got to be the Hour record , just one rider, one bike, and one hour,=49.44  Km

up the men in Lycra , ;):o

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yeah, that is impressive. my personal best there is 31.4 on public roads on a mountain bike.

and you wouldn't catch me dead in those shorts.

Hey Reso.... you have my respect 31.4, especially on that bike ,

is very fast indeed,

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Usa is in group E

This is the hardest group of them out there

the us has it hard

Czech Republic Which is the us first opponent is the best team out of europe

Italy is like the third best out of europe

Ghana is the best out of africa

but heres the thing nobody has consider since most annylist think that the Us will be Slughter

The us is the best tea out of N america or the 3rd best out of the americas

The us first game with Czech will b hard theres no question about that

i believe US can tie it if not win it

Watch out because if they do its a whole difrent ball game

Us will almost certaintly be qualify if it wins the first match leaving Italy and czech To battle it out for the 2nd ticket

That would b fun

But if we were to fail defeat Italy And tie againts Ghana and u r in

Now theres Ghana

I actually think Ghana Will give the US the most trouble

Y u ask?

Most africans are tall and the US almost always attacks through the air. africans Do really well in defence Esp when its through the air

The US mostly plays Europe style through the air and attacks very efficient and agile

Well thats my 2 cents 4 now

I cant wait

Some1 PLZ talk to me about it

I really need someone to talk soccer with

I'll keep posting my opinions here as the cup goes on

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Who the hell brought in Cyclist into the conversation?????

Hi Dark06,

i was just explaining soccer wasn't my game,  although I was from the UK,

I am more the rugby type, mayhem on the pitch but the fans are the best in the world , but anyone who loves sport ,any sport is ok in my book, so peace and respect Dark06 , enjoy

P.S. after this post I will not interfere with this thread "world cup " again

PPS i wish you had been my fireman Reso....=AKA the wrecking crew ,LOL

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