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i just came to a very surprising conclusion....


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i got contacted today by the owner of my server hosting company saying that i am costing them 70-80 dollars per month extra - for bandwidth mainly......

i did not, up untill today, realize how much bandwidth our server uses actually - i was shocked

its a counter strike 1.6 server - 15 slots - top of the line server with everything added on (500+fps boost, location optimized/accelerated, etc.)

it is pretty much full 24/7 - ....we use on average about 1000 - 1200 GB of bandwidth a month.....i could not believe it

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thats still too much cause i used to host 4 16 man games and used less than that so something is using alot.  put it this way  i host at night time only now and i use almost 3 gigs a day at 200 to 250 Kb/s for a 16 man server and even at full 24/7 it wont reach that.  a 32 man unreal tournament 2004 server uses over 3 mb upload a match and that wont reach 1200 gigs a month.  do you have any software keeping track of what is being used?  can you get any that does?

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