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Problems with download


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About a week ago,i called my ISP and asked to move from my 3 meg package to a 5 meg package... they said that my line couldn't handle 5 megs because of line quality, so they said they can milk it to 4megs.... i said to them why not.... so they changed it, according to speakeasy test I went from a 306Kb/s download to 412Kb/s ... which is great, but only on a speed test do i get those speeds, if i download a program from a website I'm getting less then my original 306Kb/s .... so what I need to know is where there is a good reliable program i can download...a large file... cause I tried downloading Google Earth, cause Google should have a good bandwidth. Anyhow, anyone have any ideas? If I could do a speed test @ testmy.net I would...but my computer is to old for that.

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ArcticWolf;I use dial-up so I don't have the speed bottle neck.I do have an older computer but not as old as yours.Still some of this might help.I have Windows ME so there are some things it will do that XP  won't (& vice versa) so I won't suggest those.First if you can partition your HD.My HD in 13.5 G & I use 3 partitions.My C: partition is 6G but on it is only  922MB to sometimes a little over 1G.It has windows & added software I use like AV,Firewall,image programs,etc.Then on the D: partition it's 3.15G I put documents with pictures & anything else that I don't want on C: right now it's 335MB,Then I have an E: partition that doesn't have anything on it right now.So maybe you could run 2 partitions .The second for your documents & pics.While still on the HD does it have DMA if it does you need to make sure you are using it.If it doesn't you need to make sure you are not using it.

Now for the amount of RAM since it only 128MB I would use a RAM optimizer.I use FreeRAM XP pro & like it.There is a topic on these at testmy.I like mine set where it's mostly manual but if you like it will free RAM automatically.

I don't reccomend this but some people turn off their AV & spyware programs while online then just scan more when offline.So these don't use resourses.

But any other program that you don't need or seldom need online make sure it's off.

If you are recieving data faster than your processor can handle it then you are probably getting packet loss & retransmits.If this is the case if you tune your OS to recieve what it can process eliminating the packet loss & retransmits it should improve DL speed.

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I did not even know that was in there. It is fairly accurate also Roco.

Refreshed at approximately 880 kbps at this time of day. Nice.

Built in D/L speed analyzer. WOW! 

Thanks Roco. :thumbsup:

So a fella has to ask himself, if I post my D/L speeds from my computer. Is that spamming microsoft, e-machines, who then??  ;)

Any ideas tdawndaz??  :?:

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