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Whoever said Microsoft is evil... was partially wrong.


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Well I found out many years ago, that competition should not mean enemies.

Competition should simply mean a challenge. By challenging you are creating a need to be watched. There by increasing your public exposure. Free advertising.

Don't you think Intel and AMD should not get along? Of course they should, they are helping each other. Just like FORD, Chevy, and Dodge got along all those years. They worked togather to keep out foreign auto's. It worked for quite awhile. But it simply got too expensive.

People create the competition. Not companies.  :wink:

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I wonder if McAfee ends up with a cake from Microsoft?


It's a shame McAfee and Symantec were allowed to get so big that they even have a word in what is secure in the first place.  :angry5: It's not like they are all that good anyway.  :ih8u:

what if this would happen?


Maybe I missed it but that was a joke, right? And when I clicked on Opertating system it was like ready to D/L? :lost:

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