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New Monitor SAMSUNG 941BW 19" DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor


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Ohhhhh, I love it!  Now everything I own is finally all widescreen, laptop... TV and now my desktop has joined the darkside --- ahhhhhh.

I had seriously JUST got the 19" Samsung 940N but my older sister called me and was asking me about LCD monitors, I went to pull up some prices for her and saw the widescreen 941BW and fell in love.  So I made a deal with my sister (I sold her my brand new 940N for $140, hella good deal lol) and picked up the 941BW.

Oh man, it's beautiful (just like every other Samsung monitor I've ever owned... and like all the billions I've got for people I build computers for).  As usual with samsung ZERO dead pixels.  Seriously, does Samsung EVER have a dead pixel?  I've (no joke) ordered at least 15-20 Samsung monitors this year and not even one has had even a single dead pixel or any problem for that matter.  The only beef I would have with them is their stands, you can't raise/lower the screen, you can only tilt it... but it happens to work well with my desktop situation.  Otherwise I would buy a new stand for it, but for the price I paid ($219 -- it's now back up to $229 but there is a $40 rebate which I'll never send in, lol) I can't complain about the stand, you can pick those up fairly cheap... and as I said, I won't need it for my setup.


Just another product that I HIGHLY reccomend, newegg is the shit!  As always they got my order to me crazy fast and without any problems.

by the way, you guys will notice that I post allot of newegg links and talk about products like this often... newegg is NOT one of my affiliates and testmy.net is not compensated... although for as much traffic as I've sent them they should be paying me.. hahahaha  --- I'm just a very happy newegg customer, just like every other newegg customer.  they ROCK!  WOOT!!

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haha, hell yeah :)

I almost had to get it because ever since I got this widescreen laptop my desktop has been bugging me.  It looked all out of place.  But I thought that the widescreen monitors only came in like 22"+ and shit and were at least $600 -- but when I saw this one I was like "oooohhhh, that shit is coming to my house!  It's ON like Donky KizOnG!"  hahaha  -- that mofo was paid for like 2 minutes after I first looked at it.  I just made sure it had DVI, nice 4ms time and good ratios and I burnt through that transaction.  You just can't go wrong with samsung!  And with Newegg taking care of the business end no worries... ever!


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