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anyone noticed this


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around 22.30 GMT , I guess around 18.03 your time , TMN slows to a crawl ,

the speed tests fall apart for me in the UK , I have no problem on other US sites ,

this has been going on for the past week ? just curious as to why, I am running like slow 56K style , it's making posting difficult , maybe that is a good thing you may well say  :evil6:

also what happened to a topic Female-Shemale ? one min. it was there,  next gone just as I was about to post my score ,  :evil2: , we had a party going on and some guests wanted to join in ,  :2funny:

Regards Roco uk


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thanks Mudmanc , so maybe 40K members wasn't such a good thing  :evil6:

I did a test to BB reports and got this , Yeah crap for a 8Mb adsl sevice , but in reality I can only get 2Mb at best (line length & age ) I battled the price down to my old 256Kb service, so I ain't companing  :lol: Pipex.com .uk  :smitten:

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I think you must take in consideration the time, it very well may be the heavy traffic on the back bone, people around the world surfing at that time , plus the storm in the middle of the country (USA) must have more than one line down, causing traffic to be re routed. :)

:grin2: speed back up for me , now 00.30 GMT,  so time to go ,

or it will be "late again Roco " I guess the only thing my backbone is going to see is my bed  :cry2:, I should get out more  :lol:

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OH sure...and should I bring extra lighting and the macro lens??? :2funny::evil6:

yeah, add to that p0rn collection!

I'll sell it on e-bay, remember that for me in your will  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

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