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Insane card trick


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What a cool trick!!!!

the only illusion I've seen recently that can top the card trick is ninjageek's post.

Nice presentation. He did good. I know how he did it. Got into magic about a year ago, Once you learn some basic stuff figuring out how its done is really easy. I bet if you gave it some thought you could figure it out yourself.

not a knock... I'm just trying to be funny.

anyway, I'm sure revealing illusion will only get you ban from the Magician's Alliance as did Gob in Arrested Development.

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As with most tricks, you already pretty much know how its done, the problem is you just are unable to make yourself believe it.  There are several tricks in this presentation rolled up into one.

1.In the crowd there was someone planted. An assistant as it were. Rember when you see this kind of stuff, chances are either there is one assistant or everyone is in on it. There are really companys that offer these types of people with insurance (sometimes big money!) if one of there people ever reveal themselfs. All kinds of legal mumbojumbo with that.

To prove my point, while the "crowd" for copperfields disapearing satue of liberty were probally employess of his, he could of hired them as well. That trick, was simply move or point the camera to another spot and tada the satue was gone.

As well with his walk through the wall of china. I mean think about it. How did he do it? Can't go under or through can ya? Well what else is left? He went over. Kinda handy having that boom camera on hand don't ya think?

2. After the card was put back into the deck he messes with the deck, palms "her card"  and passes it off to his assistant. Gotta be quick and good but yea it can be done.

3. Now for the kicker. The tank itself was a plant. It was already in place. Its a gimmicked tank. Did you notice how he place the cloth over the tank window and was "rubbing it?" Then he scammed you into thinking he hands were "sinking" into it? He did this to hide the "gimmick"

4. You assume that its one sheet of glass, Its clear glass. So there is no way it is a scam as it were. Now you know, The tank has a slider in both the front and the back. Believe what you want but its the only way. These guys spend big money and tons of time praticing this kind of stuff. They design and buid allot of there own stuff.

Your mind is telling you impossible to do. Sure its possible just have to think about it a bit. Rember camera angles, rember assistant and or the whole crowd is in on it. Its all in how you sell it. Oh one last thing. when he "threw" the cards at the tank why did he do that? Misdirection so no one would see he assistant putting the card in the tank from the back side. Notice how high and how much stuff is in the tank? The weeds  and all the other stuff? Blocs the view in case his assistant screws up his timming a bit and you dont see a hand comming out of the back of the tank.

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The important thing to rember is this. The impossible turns to possible with imagination and determination. 25 Years ago if someone said a teenage kid will take a garbage can, cardboard box, and a model airplaine and turn them into 3 diffrent computers more powerful than the ones that onece controlled our nukes. That someone would be locked up and given lots of meds.

If someone said 25 years ago using a beam of light and once peace of plastic we can record movies and music on that plastic and turn around and play the movie and or music with the same beam of light. The impossible is now possible. Magic is no diffrent.

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oh my damn, i dont think its magic. Definately real, the guy has got special superhuman abilities.

Lol, Did you read ninjageek's post? And yeah I had an idea on the slider and definentaly an assistent, I noticed that the card was somewhat glued to the glass in the tank as well which would say it had to have been placed by an assistant.

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