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Canopy Screwing Up!

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ohh so it is ok to have that lan status? because before when my lan status is 100Mbps, my connection speed never drops from 400Kbps. but when it was changed (i dont know how but i remembered using that QuickFix thingy) my speed never reached even 100 Kbps. anyway thanks to all your suggestions and efforts jun101ph and coolbuster2007  :grin:

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I have posted that topic before.

First you are going to do is to have the MAC address of the Canopy.

For example the mac address is 00:0C:F1:83:23:C7,

next is to convert the last 3 hex numbers to decimal,

83 ----> 131

23 ----> 35

C7-----> 199

then the IP address of the canopy is

. The 10 is added as the first number in the IP.

To access the canopy,

set TCP/IP to  the Obtain IP address and type for the IP address and Submask: ,

Then access to the browser.

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this is what ive done to restore my connection:

1. uninstall that quickfix 2.0 crap

2. manually set my IP to then subnet mask to

3. now that i can access the canopy again, i checked (general tab)both the 100 full and half duplex link speeds, enabled 2X rate, and changed the network accessibility(IP tab) to local. This can all be found on the configurations page.

4. save changes then reboot.

well im no expert i just based the settings on screenshots of canopy settings.

can someone here post their canopy settings?

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