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Smartbro Utorrent Setup


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heres a very nice guide to know about torrent clients and how to speed them up and reasons why smartbro [pldt's sister company] limits your upload/download speeds using torrent clients:



pldt [smartbro's carrier] a bad isp :


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what is the best site to download a torrent file .. ?..

any site would be fine as long as the tracker has many seeds, i use



TPB [the pirate bay]:




and for purely pinoy content [pinoy music,movies etc. also updated with new stuff, must be registered to view their torrents]

inday's private tracker:


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Guest aneljr009

i advise you to not mess up with your canopy. dont change anything except the dl/ul throughput and the dl/ul burst.

now try these utorrent settings:

1. go to preferences/downloads: uncheck "Append .!ut to incomplete files"; check "Pre-allocate all files"; check "Prevent standby if there are active torrents".

2. go to connection: make sure you use a value above 40000 in "Port used for incoming connections". uncheck "Randomize ports..."; uncheck "Enable UPnP port mapping; uncheck "Enable NAT-PMP port mapping; check "Add uTorrent to Windows Firewall Exceptions" (very important). Set Maximum upload rate = 60; Maximum download rate = 0 (w/c is unlimited)

3. go to BitTorrent: Global maximum number of connections = 375; Maximum number of connected peers per torrent = 100; Number of upload slots per torrent = 4; check "Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90%; check "Enable DHT Network", "Enable DHT for new torrents", "Asl tracker for scrape info", "Enable peer exchange"; enable outgoing Protocol Encryption; check Allow incoming legacy connections. click apply.

4. go to Advanced: click "net.max_halfopen", in the Value box put 100, click set, apply. click "peer.disconnect_inactive_interval", in the value box put 600, click set, apply, ok.

5. restart uTorrent.

See to it that your torrent will have the most number of seeders than your peers. you download from the seeders, upload to your peers.

Also make sure your firewall not just allow uTorrent.exe but also the TCP & UDP port being used.

Try it and post the result.

How if I am using COMODO Firewall?

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