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Smartbro Utorrent Setup


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may i ask what port are you using for utorrent.

i already switched to comodo firewall and done all the possible

tweaks i could find on the forums but i still can't get a green icon....


try to skip if it asks for a router or choose any router from motorola from the list updated from portforward.com

as i posted before, i just forwarded ports used by p2p clients most particularly uTorrent.

comodo firewall is far better than the default windows firewall. however, you have to disable entirely the latter to avoid conflict.

with comodo, its easy to allow uTorrent ports or block high severity events by protocol analysis. i advise you to use a port above 40000 but not more than 60000

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I agree with you guys uTorrent is better than any torrent clients  :cool: i have tested all torrent client uTorrent, Azureus, BitLord, BitComet, etc but uTorrent is the best of them all coz it doesnt hog your CPU Usage and its only 218kb in size that's why its called μ(micro)Torrent  :smiley:

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i didn't know it was because of that. thought it was just the they were coded. btw, what took you so long? a lot of smartbro subscribers have finally stumbled upon our little community.

kinda bz with obtaining an NBI clearance for employment purposes.

i am very happy we have a growing community and the numbers are counting.

my aspiration is that there will be more happy members than complainants  :grin2:

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