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This little piggy went to market !


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Bill Smith, 67, of Staveley, has reportedly demanded the piglet back, saying his family are the only breeders of the rare Tamworth breed in the area.

Fred (romeo) Ramsbotham is reportedly demanding his false teeth back , lost while sneezing in the same road as the piglet was found

And Piglet looks set not to go to market ,  :icon_thumright:

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Bacon anyone? I'll bring the eggs.  :lol:

:shocked: Nooooo, Piglet is now a National Hero , and may replace the rampant Lion on our UK logo , and could be voted our next Prime Minster ,

*Piglet meets Pres. Bush* ................the battle of I.Q's.  :evil6:

only kidding  :2funny:

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