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Well Im not going to scold anyone but I will say this to everyone involved in this thread.

First, there is no need to treat the forum like a pm system. This could have been pm'd or added to another post, we arent very picky about this and CA3LE is great about letting the members do what they want but I think we can all see what would happen if everyone here made threads like this.

Second, please do not correct other members for their forum behavior, that is what the mods are for. I have been to many forums where everytime something is posted 6 people come in and say "lock this" or "you broke a rule" or this is the wrong section". It tends to just cause conflict and is not needed. Please use the "report to moderator" link at the bottom right of and offending post to let the staff know of a potential problem. Everyone in this thread is fairly new so please dont take offense to this, just a friendly heads up about how we work here. We want everyone to feel free to post ANYTHING with out being ridiculed (of course this does not include ridiculing others or being rude/offensive). There is NO such thing as a "noob" at testmy and no such thing as a stupid question.

:grin2: :grin2: :grin2: Enjoy yourselves here and carry on.  :smile2:

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