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Eating local foods.

tommie gorman

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And I found I no longer need to go down town Kansas City to run through all that trraffic, they have one every saturday right here in town. If you go at the end of the day, you can get great deals from the farmers. The usual $1 a  head lettuce  can then go for as little as 10 heads for a $1. They do not want to pack it all up. And I have seen tubs of strawwberries get trashed also. They know it will do no good to repack and try to get them here the next day. So always go at the end of the day.  :wink: You would be suprised at the deals.

Glad you found one momma T. I like my stuff fresh also.  :smitten:

the one i found looks like they take ur order and package it on a certain day and u pick it up a certain day


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split it into what? one post on topic and then the derailment? :2funny:

Fear not Reso.... I am sure we can derail it again X4  :evil6:

I think TMN forum has a miss programed robotic thread splitter, 5 posts  on topic and auto split  kicks in , Ca3le said we may find problems with the new server , :lol:

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:icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: :haha: that last post of mine made the 1800 and TMN VETERAN for me,  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:,

yeah, the post was crap but I was getting desperate , I hated the "Expert " title ,

it was one step too far for me , now Veteran I can live with , i.e. =- been around a long time , so getting a bit forgetfull,  and not fully up to speed these days , :haha:

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The Senior Veteran would be more appropriate for you...



Duh , sorry do I know you ?,  :lol:,

BTW,  I advised Ecas on the tools  :evil6:, I made the full set 25 years back ,

now on a 8x4 wall board , and going rusty now  :sad:,

the 2CV is a great car , but has a lousy build quality, once corrected they are good for  125,000 miles ,

BTW,  Only about 2500 cars left in the UK, out of the world wide 5 million built ,

lol on the Cit tools

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Birds always seem to have plenty of ammunition what ever the source.

Coknuck here you have to plant poke weed.My grandmother was from the South .I bet it grew wild where she was raised too.She liked it so planted it on purpose.

I was raised to eat what was on the table so I ate it growing up.

Now I think I will leave eating a plant alone that has to be parboiled 3 times.Then only maybe the toxin is diluted enough not to make you sick.

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From what I know of the people eating it around here is you only eat the young plants (no taller than12"). The toxins are not that strong at that time of their growth. But they still boil the plant 3 time getting rid of the water each time. I was reading some where it is useful for people who have HIV.

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