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IE 8


Is It a Disaster ?  

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  1. 1. Is It a Disaster ?

    • IE 8 Made My System Unstable
    • I have no problems W/ IE 8
    • I Don't use IE 8
    • Where the hell is Shug ? I miss him !
    • Could this be why my internet experience went south this past week ?

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When automatic update's came in last week and installed IE 8, I had more then enough calls to take up my time, people wanting to know if that conflicker was ruining there system, of course who knows whether that is even true or not, none the less it sure seems as if lots of people are having stability issues with Vista since IE 8 was let out of it's cage.

I know this for certain it did make simple web browsing slow to a creeping halt on a Vista Ultimate system here. The very minute it was installed, I haven't done anything about it yet, but seriously caused major slow downs while trying to brows an already "goofy" Vista system. You almost can't brows, it's like my bandwidth went to the dirt.

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I have not actually used IE8 for anything but Windoze update on the Windows7 RC.

My XP box has IE 6 and the kids Vista box has IE7.

And let this be a lesson for people. Don't do 'automatic' windows update(do it manually, as in 'custom'). You are never quite sure where it went and what it's bringing home.

An interesting story to go with the picture.


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I didn't use it long. It had more features, enough to draw my attention. More features probably mean more  bugs for the time being at least tho. I think that it is a bit snappier and quicker starting up, switching tabs, and opening new tabs. Firefox is the slowest usually when it comes to being "snappy" while i think chrome is the fastest due to it using multiple processors. Mozilla is working on putting multiple processors in firefox.

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I have not tried IE8 myself yet.  When IE7 first came out I tried it and had the same problems mentioned here.  IE7 now works fine for me.  I also have Firefox installed and use it once in awhile.  It seem to take alot longer to come up then IE7 even with the hacks on the internet.  Once it's running it runs pretty good.  I'll be waiting a little longer before trying IE8.

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