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which OS?


What operating system do you like better?  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. What operating system do you like better?

    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • Mac X
    • Mac 9

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hey sandandsnow22 :)

not a stupid question but, i dont think there is many members that tested all these OS and then its hard to vote, like me

i use win XP Pro and like it alot, but maybe the others is better ;)

maybe the question should have been what OS you running?

VanBuren :)

yea that would have been better but most mac users usually use both. like I have a windows 2000 as the server for our wireless router but I prefer the Mac 10.3 for browsing and work. have you tried using Panther before?

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I am also using XP Pro at home for the reason of software compatibility. :-|

I would be very happy to use Mac OSX if it were more compatible.

The Mac OSX is very stable, but what else would you expect from a UNIX based OS.

As for LINUX. Yes it is very stable and secure, but nothing is compatible with it.

I use RED HAT LINUX on my office server. :D

XP PRO happens to be the big dog right now, but things change!  ;)

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i like windows xp cause basically these days, windows is a must if you wanna play games

but i LOVE how Mac OSX looks, i would GLADLY use a mac if game developers made more games for mac than windows

but what about Virtual PC? run that program and just about anything that works with windows can work on a mac

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windows server 2003 isn't on the list! ;) grrrr!  haha im totally a mac guy but I use server 2003 for uh yea . . . server stuff :) macs are my life and joy!  windows 2000 totally blows xp out of the water in the stability department ;) and being a clean mean machine but I'd take os 10.3 neday!  can't wait for 10.4!  long live the mighty mac tiger!  grrrrr!! ;)

I'm with you, I can't wait for Tiger  :)

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