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What kind of router do you use and how do you like it?


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The subject says it all...

As for myself, at home I'm behind a Netgear ProSafe (FVS318). At the office I'm connected to a Cisco Catalyst 4500 series....I think it's the 4507R.

I love my Netgear, it's awesome. All the features and settings you could imagine... It's super flexible. As far as the work setup, I don't know much about that router because I don't have access to the setup. The ISP does all of that. I'd like to get in there and look around, but oh well....

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Linksys BEFSR41 cable/dsl router.  I prefer wired over wireless because it's less hassle.  Being next to a wall/window, who knows who'd pick up my signal =P.  Besides, it was cheap to buy 50ft cat5 ($1.30)... and I still have a lot of slack left.  Two desktops don't need wireless in my house =D

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Dlink DI-624+ 802.11b with the turbo 22mb

Dlink Di-524 802.11 g

Love them both! couldnt think of any reason to switch.. Linksys is great but I have had some experience where they just will not work.. had to return 3 802.11b models.. the config page wouldnt come up.. called tech support and they told me to return it.. o well... Both companies are great!

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