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factory restoring laptop

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well guys im here again haha.

i have a toshiba satellite 1505-s6985 and can not for the life of me get my "hidden" recovery partition to boot. its corrupted to the point that im not sure if i could fix it to restore my laptop to factory state.

now i have found this site but am kind of iffy about it, has anyone heard of this place? http://recovery-disks.com/toshiba-satellite-a505-s6985.html

any good/bad reviews?

on the lighter side, i have made this topic, not only to ask advice on what to do in this situation, but to also ask is there any way you guys can think of to fix my recovery partition to where it wont be such a jerk and let me in to restore the pc. lmao.

below is a link to my exact model laptop


funny thing is, i should have restored and made a backup when i got it. (had it since it was released and even put drive image xml on the dang machine, just never made the backup!)

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Have you loaded up a live version of Linux , had a look to see if the recovery partition was set to boot ?

I don't mean to sound so sceptic , but I might be leery of any recovery disk that did not specifically say, or labeled from the manufacturer . These guy's might be a savior to your issue. At the same time , you may end up with a bit of unwanted software on your system. Too bad we have to be so careful who we allow access to our machines, but we do.

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There is something on the lappy you want to save? On my Satelliet I just deleted all partitions and formattted than re-installed with windows 7. I did that because the recovery partition was with Vista which I hate with a passion and Toshibas OS installs come budled with all types of crap.

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Tried booting a livd cd of mandriva and ubuntu. And using gparted to set the partition to boot. Lol even got mad enough to almost use a g-disk to wipe the drive but dont have an os disk to reinstall.

And yeah that site seemed real but i asked because why would i need a 2 cd set when 99% of recover disks are all on one. Seemed a little off.

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Why not make that machine sing , and install a linux distribution ? I mean seriously , if your gaming on it then I might be able to understand. Otherwise , You can do it !

We'll get you all the drivers you need.

In fact grab the network device model number and info, and we'll find the driver for you to save aside, true enough , that is all you really need, you can get the rest on the fly. So no matter what you do , your OK.

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i have a toshiba satellite 1505-s6985 and can not for the life of me get my "hidden" recovery partition to boot. its corrupted to the point that im not sure if i could fix it to restore my laptop to factory state.

This information comes from Toshiba, written 8/2010

Many Toshiba laptops come with the factory software recovery image stored in a special (hidden) area on the hard disk. From this special hidden image, you can restore your computer to its factory-fresh software condition by following these steps:

To restore the original factory software image on your computer follow these steps:

  • Make sure the computer is turned off ("Shut-down" from the Windows Start menu)
  • Remove any peripherals such an external mouse, keyboard, monitor, USB flash drive etc.
  • Make sure the AC Adapter is plugged in and working.
  • Press and hold down the 0 (zero) key on the keyboard while powering on the computer. Release it when the recovery warning screen appears.
  • If the recovery process offers a choice of Operating Systems, select the appropriate one for you.
  • A warning screen appears, stating that when the recovery is executed all data will be deleted and rewritten.
  • Click Yes to continue.
  • When the Toshiba Recovery Wizard opens select "Recovery of Factory Software" or the appropriate option for your needs.
  • Continue to follow the directions restarting as necessary.

Please note that the process may vary slightly from machine to machine, that you may be asked to insert disks (multi-disk packages) and that the process may take one to two hours to complete. The recovery process will require you to restart your computer several times.

As you use the recovery process you will have several options. One of these may be to create a custom size partition. Follow the directions on screen for this and other options as prompted. When in doubt, it's usually best to accept the default, or pre-selected option.

I hope this helps. If there is an option to do so I highly recommend installing minimally... this will make sure that a bunch of BS toshiba software isn't installed. This is actually not a bad idea with any factory Windows computer... even brand new out of the box, load up that recovery partition and reinstall minus all the BS. Saves tons of resources and headaches from annoying software you didn't want in the first place. Your computer will thank you.

Also, another thing to consider is if you formatted/partitioned the drive since you bought it. If so... unless you were careful you most likely deleted your recovery partition. In which case, your computer should have come with a DVD to install windows... but your recovery option is lost forever because that partition is needed.


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thanks, CA3LE.

one weird thing that will boggle your mind is that, in disk management and g-parted and all other things ive tried, they all say that my recovery partition is healthy. just when i try to go into it, it gives an error (too quick to read almost) and reboots. i'd have to go through it again to remember exactly what it says, but it basically says "we cant restore, now leave me alone" hahahaha.

i'll do some more backup disks of some pics and data i want saved then i'll try it all again to see if i can get a little smarter with this picky laptop.

its been so long since i've done any REAL computer work other than system cleaning and replacing wireless cards, etc. that im having trouble remembering even the easiest troubleshooting things with this pc. haha.

my last actual pc build was when the geforce 7950gt i think it was, was brand new and the biggest psu you'd need without hardcore sli cards was like 500w 0_o

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most definitely gonna need a recovery cd. i did some more checking and it has my recovery partition in disk management but it says capacity: 1.49gb or whatever, and free space is 100%....so my recovery partition is healthy, and there....but its empty....go figure.

if anyone knows where i can get one of these (havent found a very trusting site yet) please let me know asap.

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