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Saguaro Cactus Cell Tower / Camouflage Cell Towers


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I've noticed a few different types of camouflage cell towers out there but I think this one takes the cake.

As some of you know, I live in Phoenix Arizona... in the Sonoran Desert. Now, I've see palm tree and pine tree cell towers but a 50'+ saguaro cactus is a first... or maybe I've seen a hundred of them and just didn't notice. I just know it's pretty cool. They're building this around the corner from me and the scaffolding is still up and they have it open, although they did have it closed the first time I saw it and I thought they were doing something to a real cactus. But then I thought, wait a minute... it looks a little too perfect. A saguaro that large should have a bunch of holes in it from birds and critters. I realized it was fake then a few days later they opened it up so now you can really tell what it is.


I'll update this thread once they take down the scaffolding and close it back up. This is much more stealthy than the pine trees and palm trees I've seen but obviously this is the only place where they work. :grin:

Fun fact, the Sonoran Desert is the only place in the world where you'll see the saguaro cactus. I think it's funny when you watch old westerns and they obviously have Monument Valley as a backdrop... but then you see saguaro cacti everywhere. ...uuuuhh, 1950's hollywood, you need to check your facts. :razz:



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WOW i haven't seen any of those...great way to preserve the beauty of the desert...hopefully those waves don't harm the animals in any way...so many ways it could disturb them.

I don't think it will bother them... if it does they'll just stay away from it... as they would with any radio tower.

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Feel free to make fun of me, as the only cacti around my area are small and full of needles; but are there fake cactus needles installed on that tower?

That's a good question. I haven't gone right up to it yet so I don't know for sure. But I really doubt it. First, needles wouldn't really make it more camouflage... you'd never really see that much detail unless you were right up on it (goes for a real saguaro too). So I think adding needles to it would be a waste of resources, I'm sure the designers felt the same way. It also could be an added hazard to anyone that needed to work on it (if they were sharp). I'll have to actually go up to it next time so I can get some closeups... see what it's made of. I'm pretty sure it's constructed out of steel and has no needles... but I'm really not 100% sure... next time I drive by I'll update this thread.

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I kinda forgot about this. But here's a follow up. I took pictures up close after they finished working on this.

post-2-0-76812200-1352631109_thumb.jpg post-2-0-00436500-1352631111_thumb.jpg post-2-0-90471700-1352631113_thumb.jpg post-2-0-38554300-1352631115_thumb.jpg post-2-0-66919500-1352631116_thumb.jpg

Feel free to make fun of me, as the only cacti around my area are small and full of needles; but are there fake cactus needles installed on that tower?

It's funny... the needles are just paint splatters, lol. It looks real when you stand back though.


... Unrelated... but check out this cool pic I just found on my phone. I always hold bees and other bugs... they never sting me. Well, once I got stung... but it was because it crawled between my fingers and I accidentally squeezed it a little and it stung me right between my fingers. But I don't count that because it really didn't mean to... more of a reaction to the pressure.

post-2-0-53093600-1352631108_thumb.jpg post-2-0-17050500-1352631610_thumb.jpg

... after a long day of fixing bugs, I go outside and hold them. Go figure. :shrug:

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