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Where'd "Send as a link" go?


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I'm on an iPad, and it may not work the same as on a computer. In " You Results": When I tried to "copy" the graph, it copies a blank page. When I copy the numerical scores (two pictures above the graph showing the results ), it copies: https://testmy.net/av...n1/16&int=1.pngWhen a test completes, on the iPad, you see tabs above the graph. The Result details tab gives you a text of the results. If you hit the Share This Result tab, you get a picture like this:

Image URL: h9bHBuc.wocAnqG.png

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Couple weeks ago I was able to select sending my speed graph as a link, cut n paste in email. Now I can't find that handy gizmo. Can someone point me to it?



EDIT: I found it. For some unknown reason the laptop I was using didn't show the buttons just under the graph.

First, sorry for the delay... I've been out of town since Thursday. I'm still on the site all during the day but I've been taking a few days off for once so I've really just been killing the spammers and making sure things are running correctly. I needed a break after my last round of development... I was drained.

If the computer you were on didn't have flash installed those buttons won't show. The method that I use to gain access to your clipboard uses flash. I'll soon implement something into the design for people not using flash so that they can also use those functions.

I'm on an iPad, and it may not work the same as on a computer....

iOS doesn't allow for flash so those functions are missing on iPad, iPhone and iPod... I'll be improving that in the near future. I'm still thinking about how I should do it... it will come to me.

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