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eBay is probably your best bet. But before you shop for one, download Mactracker - it's available for Windows as well,as for Macs. It'll give you detailed info on every Mac model going back to the beginning of the Macs (the 128K model). It's a great tool.

Don't buy anything older than those machines having at least an i3 Intel processor. The Core 2 Duo machines will run the latest software but they're getting pretty old, and will be obsolete much sooner.

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It's a little more expensive but Apple's referb program is awesome. I got my mini from that program years ago and it never had a single issue. ... that machine has been turned off only twice in the past ~4 years. I highly recommend going that route for a headache free transaction without the risks private party purchases have. You have to keep checking back and grab the computer your looking for as soon as you see it listed. It took me two weeks to find the mini I wanted but I saved a couple hundred off the normal price... Sometimes referbs are better because if they were returned for an issue they get sent back out with updated, better parts. Sometimes they were never even opened, for instance, a Grandpa buys his grandson a mini but the kid wants an iMac... Apple takes that return and resells it as a referb even though it was never opened.

Like I told you... I'll help you with it. You just need to save up at least half. Just make sure you keep your grades up and stay out of trouble. Which is easy for you. ;)

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