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Hi I am Tracy B. from Frankfort, KY.

Tracy Burgess

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What brought me here.


Been dealing with lag spikes/ high latency with my ISP Frankfort Plant Board (www.fpb.cc) although this site reports it as CenturyLink. I pay for the 30 Meg down/ 3 Meg up, which is sadly the best offer in town, DSL option only 1.5Meg. My ISP has not really been forthcoming in my calls of complaint to exactly what the issue is except saying it could be weeks (that was over a month ago now and they are still say that). At first it was we(ISP) are waiting parts, another time it was the peering partners (only after I questioned them on that) or we are waiting on peering partners to do what they need to our hardware is ready. But from what I have gathered in researching this issue it may be a congestion affecting a wider area in and around Kentucky & Ohio and possibly other states too. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/280264-issues-with-lag-on-east-coast-on-time-warner-cableroadrunnerearthlink Which lead me to believe the issue is with TWC/RR not having enough capacity for the regional area.


Below is my trace route to the World of Warcraft server I game on. I tried to pathping but it is blocked at the cable modem so fails out. I bought standard PingPlotter to see the packet loss as in-game my latency would be in the thousands then disconnect me or when the packets made it through all actions would render ultra fast on the screen as to catch up what happened in game on my screen. This was on three different PCs and after replacing my NIC with a standalone card in my newly build primary computer. 


Target  IP:
 1   my ip address

 2   []
 3   []
 4   rrcs-98-102-206-241.central.biz.rr.com []
 5   []
 6   be24.clevohek01r.midwest.rr.com []
 7   be10.clmkohpe01r.midwest.rr.com []
 8   ae-4-0.cr0.chi30.tbone.rr.com []
 9   []
10  []
11 []
12  cr1.cgcil.ip.att.net []
13  cr2.dvmco.ip.att.net []
14  cr1.slkut.ip.att.net []
15  cr2.la2ca.ip.att.net []
16  gar20.la2ca.ip.att.net []
17   []
18   mdf001c7613r0003-gig-12-1.lax1.attens.net []


Destination does not appear to reach the intended IP, this due to the Warcraft servers not returning the ping, this a known issue in tracerouting to the address by design.


But eventually there will be packet loss on all points so not sure where the problem lies.


Its been over a month like this without me having a real idea of how impacted/congested my ISP is. That was until I found this great web resource here, so much so I over used it and had to stop testing but to give you an example how bad it is here is the graph for over a 3 day period.







As you can see the lows are horrible during peak.


Thanks again for this resource. Trying to decide if I should downgrade my plan to the 10 download / 1 upload tomorrow which is a difference of $24 dollars a month, head the advice of another user of my ISP that recommends filling a complaint with the FCC. http://www.topix.com/forum/city/frankfort-ky/TPDBKV3TEB9ILB13H , or even applying for an open Network Administrator they have.


Any guidance or sympathy would be greatly appreciated.


Have a better one than me.

Tracy B

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Hi Tracy,


I wanted to welcome you to TestMy.net.  Looking at the graph your issue looks very pronounced.  I'll take the time to look into your results deeper and respond tomorrow, I'm heading to bed soon.


Also sounds like you were hitting the cap... I doubled your testing cap.  I also gave your account access to TraceMy.net a new area to TMN I'm developing.  Another thing, during the beta period you'll notice TMN is ad free while you're logged in.  For anyone interested in joining the beta, just visit TMN Beta for more information.



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Hey again Tracy,


First, they're detected as CenturyLink because they must lease lines from them...


On to your issue. Pgoodwin1 who has TWC in OH (only like 3 hours from you) is having the same sort of issue... during the same hours.  https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/30910-problems-on-dallas-server/?p=341150 -- but not nearly as pronounced.


If they've already admitted peering issues to you, then I'd bet that's still the issue.  It's actually really rare for them to admit that, usually they try to blame everyone else.  I bet the person that told you that wasn't really supposed to share that shortcoming with customers.


When I see regular drops like that it makes me question a couple of things.  First, routing congestion.  Second, programs you may have on schedules.  For instance, some people put their torrents on a schedule... or have programs that sync large amounts of data over the net.  Makes me wonder if something else on your network is sucking up your bandwidth during those hours.  But I don't think that's the case with your connection.  I think that your ISP, somewhere along the way, doesn't have enough bandwidth to meet the demand.  They probably gave you a timeline because that's when they expected to get more feeds to meet demand. Obviously they didn't meet the goal or they were talking out their a$$.  Another thing that happens sometimes, a trunk line is cut or attacked forcing the ISP to reroute traffic to other main lines.  Which can push their capacity especially during peak hours (the exact times you're having issues).


Since I've been getting messages from others on TWC (your not on TWC but you stated that you're routed through them), I'd bet it's a routing issue that's beyond your control.  You just have a really extreme case.  You are seriously getting 1-2% of your best speed during the bad times... that's ridiculously horrible.  I would be pissed and would have only given them 48 hours to resolve it before I'd expect a full month for free.  .... they owe you that much!


I hope that your problems are resolved soon I wish there was more that I can do.  Personally, I'd show them my findings (from TMN) and demand a refund until they can deliver what I'm paying for.  If they tell you that it's going to take weeks to fix, well then you should get a free month for having to deal with the BS. If they aren't willing to play ball, hopefully you have more choices than the 1.5Mbps DSL (lame).  ...just leave them and don't look back.  You have Comcast in Frankfort, KY... right?  Comcast seems to know what's up in all their markets, they might be your best bet.


Good luck.  If you have resolution please respond to this topic and let us know.  My visitors and I love hearing about resolved issues.

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Hi Tracy. I'm having issues during the evening hours when I use the Dallas server. I have no issue when I do TMN speed tests to then Washington server, although it is still slower than during off-peak hours. I haven't done much investigating on the issue other than using an OOKLA Speedtest app on my iPad where I've gotten considerably slower speeds when picking a server in Tennessee than picking one the same distance in a different direction. But the network of servers that app has gives really inconsistent and widely varying speed results when picking different servers in the same city. I'd be interested in hearing what your findings with your ISP are on this issue as you progress on the issue. So post back when you hear anything significant.

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Took longer than I planned to post again but since then I was able to talk with the person in charge of my ISP. What I gleaned from the conversation was they had three "providers" in March but two of the companies ended up merging then the two left were bought up by bigger national company effectively making the ISP a small fish in a big pond so getting adequate support was not being met. As 2:30 am traceroute shows we have a new provider as my traffic is going across windstream.net routes instead of rr.com ones. The real test will be later today and into tomorrow night if they faulter as was previously occurring.

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Hello I am also with Frankfort plant Bored and have been gaveling WoW latency issues between the hours of 8pm and 12pm mainly just wounding what I can do to help myself with the issue.its been going on for months.


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms     1 ms 
  2     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  3    21 ms    14 ms    23 ms 
  4    35 ms    28 ms    28 ms 
  5    48 ms    12 ms    27 ms  rrcs-98-102-206-237.central.biz.rr.com [] 
  6    34 ms    25 ms    25 ms 
  7    61 ms    26 ms    62 ms  be24.clmkohpe01r.midwest.rr.com [] 
  8    90 ms    45 ms    56 ms  ae-9-0.cr0.chi30.tbone.rr.com [] 
  9    31 ms    32 ms    91 ms 
 10    83 ms    77 ms    81 ms  te1-2-0d0.cir1.chicago2-il.us.xo.net [] 
 11     *        *       45 ms [] 
 12   120 ms   111 ms   122 ms  cr1.cgcil.ip.att.net [] 
 13   121 ms     *      117 ms  cr1.cl2oh.ip.att.net [] 
 14   128 ms   121 ms   127 ms  cr2.cl2oh.ip.att.net [] 
 15     *      142 ms   132 ms  cr2.phlpa.ip.att.net [] 
 16     *      124 ms   126 ms  gar1.pitpa.ip.att.net [] 
 17    77 ms    78 ms    76 ms 
 18    62 ms   104 ms    65 ms  mdf001c7613r0004-gig-12-1.nyc3.attens.net [] 
 19     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 20     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 21     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 22     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 23     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 24     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 25     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 26     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 27     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 28     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 29     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 30     *        *        *     Request timed out.

Trace complete.

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