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App Nap osx 10.8


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Since the latest update (that I have done) it seems the browsers sleep. At first i assumed it was just safari, so I started using firefox for something that required it, none the less same tripe. 


This is not Mavericks, so there is no UI controls for this app nap thing. 


So I'm looking for a command line to get that crap shut off. It's really twerkin' me.

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For me , when the jazzy tripe stops responding , or hesitates , or worse yet you'll need to force quit the application before it pops back up like a 14 year old and a girly mag. 


Say I'm uploading a couple gigs of data , even with a 6Mb upload it takes a few right , so what does the browser do , since it does not have any audio or video, osx says fukkit and bonks it on the bean to take a nap -- but it's really taking a temporary dirt nap. 


Mind you I'm using 10.8 - as mavericks was trying to do too many thing i did not appreciate , aside my machine is a late 07, seems as if apple left the clean running source to the wind and took on hell use everything available until it twerks out - then make it pass out from no oxygen. 


As far as i can tell, we are being pushed into this whole secure memory crap before it's ready for prime time, at least in the sense they have applied it. 


Mavericks is in my mind , much the same as vista was. A great idea, but just a wet dream. Chews through anything not newer - unlike it's predecessors since the intel move. 

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i'm running OS 10.8. i haven't experienced the browser sleeping stuff you're describing, but i haven't tried uploading a GB of data either. some months ago I did upload GB of data but it was in smaller 3-10 MB pieces, just lots of them, and it didn't go to sleep. i've uploaded some 250 MB movies to YouTube a couple of months ago, but none recently, so I don't know if it will behave the same as yours or not. i can't remember if I've had a security OS update since I did that.

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This is making my want to puke, much in the same way when I see some poser trying to look like some other poser, standing there looking like a poser. 


Always too many tabs open, so what, why then does safari seem to think it's OK to just kill each browser session like that, so when you do need to go back to a tab you get a message saying shit fell out and resend last data or reload. I'll grab a screen next time. Mind you many times I leave a tab open, I've just completed something that consisted of an entry, so it's 'smart' enough to remember my last submission , but not quite bright enough to NOT re submit - breaking shit - DUH-ME ?



So I say hey, adapt right ? Why should i have to adapt to the operating system, things were never this way. So I say hey , adapt - then again that is NOT why I run OSx


She also chooses to choke off things such as java, or simply not start them on page load, with either the code showing or a notice that it's sleepy time for the freaking app.  :tard:

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I noticed that just now in Safari... flash was slept.  I had never seen that before.  But I clicked the youtube video and it started right up.  I agree about Mavericks, it's been displaying weird issues.  Only on the laptop though.  I'm about to reboot because my menu went black.




My computer also rebooted for no good reason and I'm fairly certain that it's Mavericks issue... not a hardware error.  I have faith that they'll resolve the issues quickly, if not and it becomes an issue I'll roll back too.

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I am learning to not use my computer as it was meant to be used, in order to deal with all these goofy secure memory issues. And don't count on thing getting anywhere but more complex when it comes to this. Complexity without a solid base is trouble - this is the direction 'things' are heading, or so it seems.

While attempting to force any application or part of an app to a lower power state sound a great idea, however which of the available apps were written on top of this ? Why put flash to sleep ? Makes no sense. Why not put some of the items hovering around in the core 'to sleep' and have them poll on a schedule , and do the math incrementally for reporting when needed.

They started testing this on the sound , by crashing that task until needed, which might seem like a great idea, until you don't have the latest hardware, then while sound starts back up , you get a momentary lapse in computer resources. Out of sync I mean to say.

there, I said a whole lot of nothingness lol

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Well Flash is actually a resource intensive programme, whereas the other things are not.

If you shut down the core OS components the system may become unresponsive, and you won't really save much power as they are used very frequently, and deactivating and reactivating them would possibly make them even more resource costly. (It would happen dozens of times per second, depending on the algorithm.) Shut down networking and then you have a fair bit of delay when restarting it. Shut down Wifi and the same thing. Shut down USB/Thunderbolt ports and your devices become unresponsive. These are just the beginning of what I would take into consideration when designing such a system.



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