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iPad App or Suggestion?


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Howdy I seen ookla I believe is the name has an iPad app for speed tests I was curious if there was one for this site or how one with say an iPad or Android Tablet would speed test from  this site.

I do not trust other test sites of any kind and only use this one for accurate testing.

I do use others so I can laugh at how full of BS they are with the speed results but never for accurate speed results. 

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YA, Ok.  I was just thinking it may be a better test or have better results not having to deal with whatever limits Safari coudl put on the iPad 4.

I was wanting to check my Wifi and my AT&T 4g LTE to compare.

I can do that to with the Safari I suppose, 

New to Ipad never used the Safari thing yet.

Matter of fact haven't used hardly anything yet except music and the planets app. 

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The browser doesn't seem to be a major limiting factor.


Although, on faster connections the max (TiP readings) may read higher than your line is capable of.  This doesn't affect the outcome of the final result, only the TiP reading.  Only one of my results below displayed this.


Furthest point inside the house from the router.



Line of sight, 20 ft from router. 50MB test



re-testing 65 MB



Multithread 84 MB



These tests purposely tax your device and browser, it can be too much.  Note that Safari (mobile) crashes on classic linear tests over 120 MB, multithread can do any size.  So that's the only limitation of the mobile browser I've seen.  The readings you get from it however will be consistent with what you'd expect to see downloading and uploading over the Internet through any other application on your device.  Your test results will reflect your real-world use.  Become aware of how your device handles TMN and use the test accordingly. 


Just keep in mind that if you see extraordinary TiP readings... like this...


it's actually due to the device lagging, then updating quickly.    In this case pay more attention to the final number which calculated separately.  Even though that reading isn't what we'd expect to see... it's actually indicating an issue.  If the device was processing the test more smoothly as it runs on most desktops it would result in a smoother TiP reading.  I'd expect future devices to process more smoothly.

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TMN does have a mobile option. Go to the bottom of the browser window and there's a link to it.

My biggest variation in download speed on my mobile devices is due to the signal strength of the wireless where I'm physically at in the house. That plus the speed of the device itself. My iPhone 5s gives me slightly higher speeds than my iPad 2.

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