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Google Chrome and the dam Aw Snap BS .


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Ok to answer your post #7 it was every single time I ran the combined test.

Now and Just now I ran the Combined Test from San Fran and it did not do the Aw Snap.

It worked perfectly.

I will try all the west coast servers and see if I get the error still

The Fremont and the San Jose I believe it is the top west coast test both just gave me the aw snap error

Dam now all three west coast servers are giving me that Aw Snap error.

I did get one complete test in combined both down and up  before the errors started though.

Strange went to try it on Edge and It will not let me sign in. it just pops back to sign in page.

But it worked just fine with Edge In case you were curious

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Ok now it is doing the Aw Snap thing when I do combined or any download test.

It seems to work fine on upload tests though.


I cannot use Edge logged into my account as it will never log in just keeps showing the log in at top right of screen.

But when not logged in Edge seems to work fine. 

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Something strange I noticed now, It seems to work fine on upload tests doing them alone but now when I attempt a download test by itself I get the Aw Snap error.

SO now it does it when I use combined or download alone but not with upload.

Also when it does it on combined it appears it only does the download section as I see no upload results when I go and open the results page under my profile.

It is almost as if the chrome browser has a default time limit before it assumes web page is not responding 

anyone know if there is a setting where I can extend time or disable that feature ??

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