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my 2 computers at home - 2 different speeds


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I have a new-er Dell Dell Inspiron 15 with windows 8.1 
download test when wired = 70 mbps ( wireless = 33 )

My desktop is Dell  Inspiron with Windows 7 - about 5 years old
download test off same cable router wired = 44 mbps

I am looking at new desktops but why the difference in wired speed

also is wireless always slower?  ( I am within 5 ft from router )


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There are a quite a few people here with great wireless experience under their belts, I'm certain they will have more info than myself. 

 Wireless does not necessarily 'have' to be slower. What wireless router do you have, and what settings concerning 'N bg' ect are you using. 

Also take note of the possible bandwidth hogs that could be residing in secret on you slower machine. 

Many things can effect speeds, including hard drives, memory, good cables, amongst a few. 

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Wireless -

I'm on the Comcast provided modem/wireless router. ARRIS TG 862    -    I used to have a linksys WG54 and a cisco e2500.


The older desktop I have decided to dump as I need upgrades for CadCam work and that needs better graphics card   more mem and windows Pro OS.

But to answer your possibilities. cabling is the same 1 vs 2, So I think the computer age (OS, and hardware) is probably what makes 1 slower than 2.  But I was just curious as to what others thought. Thanks

Im glad I found this site as an honest forum and a REAL test of speed even though I had used speed test for years

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Depending on the wireless capabilities of that router it could be the limiting factor usually when a WiFi router is connected to devices the link speed for all devices will operate at the slowest device speed so say you have a device connected on wireless G and one on wireless N they are all going to operate at the slowest negotiated speed which would be wireless G. wireless G is max theoretical speed is 54Mbps even if your connected at 54Mbps you won't get that due to packet loss and interference you'll probably only achieve about 80% 43.2Mbps in addition the test here will also be stress testing your HDD if you have a slower HDD such as a laptop HDD you may have issues getting a higher speed as well try using the multi threaded tests and make sure no other devices are connected to the WiFi when testing such as cell phones etc they have a really hard time maintaining high link speeds which will affect the link speed for your laptop especially if they are connected on wireless G 

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Hi cncdude5x!  Welcome to TMN.

Check out this post >> WIFI Is slow and sometime not there... Frustrated

There's a link at the end entitled "Wireless Fung Shui" - read that too if you have time.  It may help you think of a better placement strategy for your router.  Being right next to the router, believe it or not, isn't always ideal.  Especially if you have interference in the area... could be other wireless devices or it could be a fan sitting next to the router.  Seriously.

Having said that, if your router is right next to the computer and you can wire it... then wire it.  You can get comparable speeds on some AC routers but wired is almost always the best choice.  If you have other devices on wifi I'd definitely address the wifi issue first... make sure that your other devices aren't getting degraded speed as well.  Then, after wifi has a clean bill of health, if the router is still placed near the computer I'd do ethernet to that computer.  I wouldn't even think about it if the option is there.

Im glad I found this site as an honest forum and a REAL test of speed even though I had used speed test for years

Thanks for the kind words, I've worked very hard to build this site and it means a lot to hear positive feedback.  I especially like the insinuation that you hadn't really tested your speed until you came here.  I'm glad you found us too.  If you like what we're doing help by directing your friends here.

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