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Hacker! ... or is he?

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xyther4523 good ideas an thoughtful on how ppl can elevate privileges and crack passwords to get in luckily most ppl aren't that smart and don't try much more than a simple port scan.  ;) I'm glad you test your skills and attempt to hack test box instead of mine.  ;)  Luckily I beefed it up with Anti- DoS or DDoS attacks which I don't personally count as hacking in and of itself since the process is to easy most of the time as there are many automateds DoS and DDoS tools out there.  As for SYN floods I would count them as possible DoS attacks when excessive not to discredit what .s1 said as he has some good insight as well from what I've read and created this great thread too. :haha: Also don't forget about custom crafted packets as a means of attack. But .s1 is right most people will never need a firewall and are not in anyway much more vulnerable than those who use software firewalls since for all their bells and whistles they are more hype than a real useful utility and when reporting hack or port scan attempts to the attackers ISP or yours your message is most likely ignored since most attempts are neither invasive or harmful and most users will misread or misunderstand the type of attempt or it's severity (which is most of the time quite minimal and should just be ignored). If you have a server than it's a good idea to have a firewall but much better to have a hardware firewall since software firewalls are mostly hype and not protection as I said. I personally have hardened my system since I am more vulnerable than the average internet surfer but find being behind a NAT box is enough without software firewall crap and I turn off NETBIOS and tweak registry against DoS and DDoS attacks (ever since multiple SYN floods on me lol although SYN packets as with many others do have legitimate uses most often.)

SYN  packets are good until you have hundreds or thousands per second comming at your connection LOL ...then not so much. :haha:;)  I would also say what most people need MUCH more than a firewall is 2 or more Anti-Spyware apps as this is the typical problem and of course an Anti-Virus solution or 2.  Supposedly 1 in 3 computers are infected with spyware as I recall ...but sadly I can't quote the source but it sounds about right from what I have seen on other's computers when cleaning that type of crapware or maleware out.  Needless to say even if the figure is wrong it does happen alot (referring to spyware/ad-ware infection) and many average users don't have a clue that something from surfing or how ever penetrated their system without their knowledge. :shock::!:  Alot of great points and ideas about hackers, hacking and security on this thread by the way.  Nice job all. :D



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Hey, thanks php

I've been enjoying this site and forum for a while now, just decided to join....I'm a tech for Road Runner and usually bring the customers here for a speedtest, as it's the best!  I found myself snooping around and reading threads...lots of fun, great stuff....this one esp! LMAO

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i bitchchecker, shutup it not funny i hacked his comp, but somehow he did the same to me that bitch i will own him some day, SOMEDAY!!! :evil6:

lol... if youre really bitchchecker, i cant believe you would post here... that was a really stupid mistake, especially for a "hacker"... you hacked yourself :haha:

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