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How fast is the fastest

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Best I have ever tested myself... on a computer that was actually right in front of my face (not remote connected) would be about 25Mbps -- 2nd fastest was my old office connection at Cox which when it ran good was about 16Mbps both ways

My home connection has had bursts up to 6Mbps down and 900 Kbps up ---- bursts - 5Mbps/768Kbps line Cox Communications.


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fastest connection i had was when comcast was goin around 400kb/sec..man i remember when i was on 1.5mb comcast and i got downloads of 222kb/s =P

the fastestest connection i ever tested was a 45mbps (t3) connection from my dads work.  it was a dslr though, not here : (i didnt kno about this site then)

i dont remember the speeds, i just remember thinking "Wow, this is faster than my 1.5mbps comcast line" lol =P

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i am supposed to have a 1.5mb connection and on the 5 or 6 mb test (which ever it is not sure)  and the best i have ever got was about a week before i became a member and got a 2.25mb result but now i get around 1.7mb average dl

my upload is usually 190 and my highest is i think 198

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