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I haven't built my own computer yet, but you need to know more than that. For example your CPU, memory and motherboard all need to be compatible with each other. Also your CPU and fan/heat sink need to be compatible. You should write down everything first. Make a list of what you want and make sure each part is compatible with the others.

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Guest helloimtim

I just got done with mine. Got a barebones system from www.cpusolutions.com.  That was the powersupply mother board and cpu. I went with the asus motherboard and atholon cpu. Running dual drives this computer just smokes. You will learn allot. Have any more questions feel free to ask.........

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intresting cpu drivers hhee

i dont know how the big thing about the HT of pentium and some hackers being able to steal password using some crazy clocking thing

how will they upgrade our cpu is that is confirmed to be a problem

PPEEEEEPPP 500 post congratulations !!

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Either an Asus or a Gigabyte, that is what is in my computer now


That is a good motherboard, I have a friend who has that, Intel CPU


Thats the MOBO I have, words great for me.

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Guest PeePs

I've always thought about building my own computer, but never actually went through with it. Next year im going to college and i just might want to build myself a gaming computer  :D. If i do build my own computer my plan is to get a ****** *** case to save $$$ and invest the saved money in better parts! Who needs their computer to look good when its smokin fast inside  ;).

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