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New, but the coolest


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New here... but I am Damon's best friend so I am ADMIN, mofo! :x

- Eric


King PiMpster/ADMIN,

Well welcome to the site and remember I will always show you the proper amount respect that you are due :P .also if you are Damon's friend you must be cool then:) Iam also assuming your an Arizona guy and thats always a plus even if it is Phoenix and your a fan of that schools team...lol

GO CATS.......So glad your here:)

8) Microwave

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sorry' date=' but Tool is the coolest so if anything, ull have to take the backseat on this one :wink:[/quote']

Yea tool is the shit... If you notice his avitar is the Tool cover BUT the eye isn't green ;-) ~~ me and him tweaked out on it the other day in photoshop :)

ERIC, post your scores FOOL... show 'em who's boss PUTO!

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