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IP Changing??


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If I change my IP would my isp know my previous IPs? Like do they log all the ips linked to your account or something?

Your ISP will generally log the most recent IP addresses you've had for a short duration (usu. only a few days).  It is usually logged by the MAC of the NIC or router if it's an ethernet connection, or by the MAC of the modem if USB or built in wireless.

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they propably look at the websites logs and check who downloaded what, thats how they get all the info hashes and what you downloaded..at what time, etc.

Even if they do get your IP from a websites logs, don't they still need to go to your ISP to find out your identity (name, address, etc...)...and if the ISPs only log the most recent IP addresses you've had for a short duration, then how can they cross-reference your IP with your account?

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he. even my router will pretty much log the ip's i have for an indefinite amount of time (or until the memory fills up) if i don't clear the device log once in a while. not much data to store, and the logs are generated automatically, some large text file on one server. my guess is they log every ip since the isps inception out of sheer lazyness. why bother clearing old entries.

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