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can I get the link for IE 7 beta

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MS has pulled all IE7 beta downloads from the Internet (from the sites I get on Google).. Just wait for the public version.. Until then stick with IE6 or switch to another browser :D

Most likely a good idea! I have enough trouble staying online as it is presently..definately dont need any more troubles.

IE6 still works as good as it ever did.

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not at all since i use torrents so  i have the works installed i installed it again and it looks alright' i still preffer the one and only IE imma try fox for a short period'

the message board should have lines diviiding the messages'  plus with ie i can move the picture around the screen and with ff i have to scroll to the sides'

The picture scrolling is only one of two "flaws"in FF. That and Windows Update.  Otherwise the Fox rules :!:

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