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Anyone having issues with FF1.5?


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Not looking for help here just opening it for discussion.  I will paste a description of the problem just to show an example.  I have a simple page rendering problem, back rounds of all web pages are white no matter what the FF1.5 color settings are.  "I tried every suggestion offered on 11/29 and 11/30, some of which were: create new profile and edit about:config. I eventually bailed and reverted back to 1.07. This morning I tried again. First I installed 1.5 "over" 1.07, white pages. Then I did a complete uninstall, removing program files, %AppData% files and using three registry cleaners, white pages only. For the two installs this morning, I even turned off all security systems, thinking that might be part of the problem. During all attempts SpellBound and Adblock (only extensions I use) were not installed. I'm back using 1.07 and all web sites are rendering normally."  Crazy isn't it?!

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yeah i have an issue with ff, any version, and their claim to be better than the standard. but i don't think that's what you mean...

Blah Blah Blah10

We know, resopalrabotnik.

I still use IE, but like to use FF also, it's called experimenting.

BTW, jut kidding about the blah blah, but it does get old sometimes. ;)

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blah blah blah to the power of ten doesn't make sense. you had 475 blahs there, that would be between the powers of 5 and 6. power of ten would be 59049.

Is someone trying to fire me up?

Hopefully your just BS-ing like I am.

I am home alone with my 3 year old and he does even give me time to count to 3 let alone count horizontally and vertically and then do the math.

Just got him to bed, peace at last - maybe now I'll have time to think....

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so i was bored...

Yeah, I usually kick the dog when I'm bored. :haha:

Anyways back on subject, looks like I am going to have to uninstall and Re-install FF.

When I load up a radar loop, for example, I can see each frame just fine as it loads up, then after all frames are loaded, it disappears.

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This is new for me but I have FF 1.0.7 and its suddenly not stopping ads form popping up?  Ahother issue I have is when Itry to update the software through the Tools>Options it says no updates are available so how do I get 1.5?

I updated from this link: http://www.mozilla.com/

I do have a couple issues, but if you still have IE running, then I say try the 1.5 upgrade.

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Actually, on eBay, in the My eBay page the little dropdown boxes at the end of your buying/selling items (mark as paid, mark as shipped, leave feedback...etc...) do not work with FF1.5.

I "downgraded" back to 1.0.7 and they worked fine.

I found the Beta to be buggy a while back, apparently some of those bugs are still in the "gold" release.

I am starting to think that the more compatible FF gets with the web the more like IE it gets.

The earlier releases of FF were MUCH faster.

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