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Most hours you've slept/been awake?


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friday i slept 2 hours, from 4pm to 6pm. i didnt go to sleep til i got home at 9am the next day (saturday). i slept at 10am (sat.) and woke up at 5am (sunday). thats about 19hrs - 20hrs sleep. oh well i was TOOOO tired

the most hours i'vee been awake for was about 38 hours. and i do this at least once every month. i mostly average 32hrs awake on sat.

midnight working sucks, f*cks up your sleep

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I was online for 34 hours straight over Halloween, broadcasting...

That was a blast, I got pretty silly...

Prolly do it again over Christmas, gotta do the freaky Santa Norad thingy...

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been awake for 22 hours when i was moving from southern Sweden to north, loaded 2 cars + 2 king size trailers at 6 AM, cleaned the apartment, returned the keys to the landlord, after that drove approx 1000 KM straight with just a few stoppages

i think my longest sleep is around 15 hours

VanBuren :)

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