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  1. Speed test wrong?

    There was something wrong in the NY server path. It’s been fixed. I was getting very erratic results. TMN owner fixed it. Mine’s back to full speed too.
  2. Speed test wrong?

    What is your ISP plan supposed to deliver 20/5? The one really low test value has a different ID - what that a phone not on Wi-Fi ?
  3. Speed test wrong?

    One thing that jumps out in the data is that when the download file is 200MB, almost all of the download speeds were good. There’s a couple of exceptions, but they may have been momentary in nature. not sure why the Auto-size feature is giving such low results.
  4. Speed test wrong?

    daronmal - where are you located?
  5. Speed test wrong?

    My TestMy NY server test results look normal.
  6. differance to negative with hughes net

    Your test results are all over the place. http://testmy.net/memberstats?type=comp_id&q=89624803073&TestType=D&limit=25
  7. If you want an x-axis with time scale, I'd suggest exporting the CSV data and work it in Excel. Go to Results page, choose the date span you want, then hit Export below the graph.
  8. Hughesnet & Exede installer

    On a tablet, the full web page version is great. On a phone, the mobile version works good, just not as many options in front of you on the pages. Tests run the same
  9. Running out of options!

    That much variation isn't normal with lower speed plans. Most of the time my Spectrum (Time Warner) 100/10 plan gets 115/10.5 with 1-3% variation, and periodically it'll drop down to 90/8 sporadically for a few minutes then clear up. I don't know if the faster plans like yours typically show more variation than that, but the numbers you are seeing seem to have way more variation than I think would be normal.
  10. Stay on it with them. They'll eventually put more effort into it and resolve it.
  11. Upload different from other test sites

    Read the info in the Extras tab/link - read all of of the tabs there. Speedtest values aren't real world. They filter the data - it's what the ISPs want and show you how their making their advertised speeds - not the real thing. Fake speeds. http://testmy.net/legit-speed-test.php
  12. clear all present data

    You can go to the Results and hit the checkbox ar the right hand top of the table. It will select all in the table. Then hit the checkbox with the red X on it - that will erase-all in the table showing. Set the number of days at the top to cover what you want. Note - I'm not sure that this will erase all the data in the TestMy database, or whether it just erases what data shows in the graphs.
  13. Running out of options!

    Good. You've eliminated the Wifi. Do all your computers/tablets exhibit the same behavior? If yes, then I would start calling the ISP repeatedly until they get it figured off ur. It may take many frustrating phone call, so stay patient and polite. These days, a lot of the first tier helpers at ISPs aren't overly skilled, so it may take multiple calls to elevate the issue. if you have friends or neighbors in your local area that use the same ISP you ask them what their experience is.
  14. Running out of options!

    See how things are by using Ethernet plugged directly into your Arris modem. That will isolate out your router and wireless. Post back on how it does.
  15. Aussie, Aussie, DOH! My net dropped out, again. :(

    Very hot and mostly muggy. Other than that ... great
  16. testmy.net

    Call your ISP. Be persistent, but polite. Continue to call until they recognize there's a problem.
  17. Speed question

    Also, go to the Extras link and read the Sped Test legitimacy - all tabs
  18. Speed question

    Is the ISP testing site equally as far away as the TestMy test server? what's the ISP test using for the test software?
  19. Newcomer

    Hi from SW Ohio in the US
  20. Bruce & currentlazy Run the Auto test to get some more data -link is on the TestMy home page upper middle. This will give you a better idea of what your system is doing at different times of day. if you can, plug your computer directly into the modem with Ethernet and do some testing. If you're using wireless, get as close to the wireless router as you can and see what it's doing.
  21. Good to hear. Glad they got it worked out. Usually if you hound the ISP, after a while they do something. I'm convinced some of them have policies where they don't do anything for customers with these kind of problems until you call three or more times.
  22. internet connectivity

    From your test plots it looks like you have a lot of variation
  23. Hi from Shelley From Down Under S.A

    I see that on TestMy you're getting about 7 Mbps download and about 0.4 Mbps upload when things are working OK. At least I assume that those speeds are in the range that your ISP plan says you should be getting. What is your plan speeds they said you should get? one of your tests dropped down to 1.7 Mbps download. i would be persistent with your ISP on this problem. Try to stay polite (though it's frustrating). Keep calling them until they get it resolved.
  24. Aussie, Aussie, DOH! My net dropped out, again. :(

    Hahaha. Hello from SW Ohio in the US.
  25. Increasing internet speed

    It's been approved since the 18th. Not or familiar with http injector.
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