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  1. I notice in your TestMy results table of download tests: all of the bad results have a 40MB test file size, and all of your better ones have a test file size of 122MB. Maybe try some manual testing with either 100MB or 125MB chosen manually. If the test time is excessively long because of low speeds, reduce it from 100 to 75. See if there’s any consistency with the larger test file sizes. The file size is probably not the issue, but I did notice all your lousy download speeds were with the 40MB test file size.
  2. I don’t think their comments about them not being able to control things beyond their system footprint is entirely true. I believe they can do something about it by identifying where the bottlenecks are and having those providers help diversify traffic. I don’t personally know what it is that can be done. Maybe @CA3LE can comment here about what to request them to do. Bottom line is for them to have happy customers. They’re an Internet Service Provider not just a Buckeye Broadband access service.
  3. Looking at your test data it shows something happened after 3/23/20. Your tests after that changed to really low. Try selecting the Dallas test server with Multithread off. I notice your results have multithread on for download tests and the Dallas server selected for upload testing. I assume the Dallas server is the closest to you. Is that true?
  4. All of your latency tests look really big. On your Buckeye Broadband test the ping test said 13 mSec. That would have been to a very nearby server (one of theirs). So it’s not your equipment. Ask them to route you differently.
  5. Do some test my ping testing to the various test my test servers and post back with those results. I do not know how stable you can expect your results to be using Ethernet in your house at this high ISP plan speeds. If you’re not connected directly to the modem gateway then wiring length and quality may be coming into play. Outside your house, I don’t know how stable their system is either at those high speeds. My plan is a Charter (Time Warner) 200 Mbps plan and it varies about +/- 10 % typically Round 210 Mbps. That’s via wireless. The one computer I have that’s connected via Ethernet typically maxes out around 150 Mbps though. Not sure if that’s because my house cabling is CAT5E instead of CAT6.
  6. Run some tests here so people can see what you’re getting
  7. That sounds like something that Spectrum should be able to help you with. Call them - be patient, but be persistent and call back if they can’t find anything on the first call with them.
  8. Have you tried hooking directly to your modem with Ethernet?
  9. Support Net Neutrality The US Court has asked for public opinion about the disgraceful erosion of open internet rules pre-2016 when Trump installed Ajit Pai as the head of the FCC. Mozilla challenged the new FCC rules (2017) in court (2018). Here’s your chance to get on record. Trump’s FCC wants tiered $ charging for priority service (you’ll be put in a queue and throttled) if you don’t pay for the highest tier service). The ISPs, Trump, the Republican Party, and the FCC support this - nobody else. File your comment (Online form) here. https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings/express Enter 17-108 in the first field. That’s the docket number Tell them to throw out everything that’s been done by the FCC on net neutrality since 2016. The form only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Tell them that the FCC is no longer working for the American people but are implementing Trump’s directives to the FCC. There’s been a constant erosion of the public open internet. The FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom lies are here: https://www.fcc.gov/restoring-internet-freedom. Completely misleading Here’s Mozilla’s case description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_v._FCC
  10. Not sure if this will be helpful, but downstairs I have Spectrum supplied telephony modem and a separate Sagecom router. It’s not set to Bridge Mode. Upstairs I use my own router. It’s set to Bridge Mode.
  11. The current administration and the Republican Party (as it is now) are horrible in their positions on personal freedoms and human rights. The worst ever. Their aim is to undo everything that’s been done in the past that was put in place for the public good if it can’t be shown to produce more profit. And they undo things put in place by prior Democrat administrations even if it doesn’t show any profit so they can put the same thing back in place with a different name to get the credit for it. what blows my mind is that about 50% of Americans believe that this bunch in control now is actually acceptable and believe somehow that they are “Making America Great”. They’ve swallowed al of their propaganda, thinking the Republicans is Washington actually give two hoots about them. Their version of America is grossly distorted. sorry about the political ranting, slowly and surely they are taking the open internet away.
  12. CABLE - is the first number in the ranking the average download for the number of tests picked? Is the next number the max download? maybe add labels to the top of the table of results?
  13. I don’t see any test results here on TestMy. Run some tests so we can see what your downloads and uploads look like
  14. What are your up/down speed that you’re supposed to be getting ?
  15. @mudmanc4 what’s a reserved address block?
  16. I don’t see any test data for you.
  17. Pretty fas plan. Mine’s 200/10. So I don’t have any experience with speeds that high. Your test results are erratic but not terrible. Are you testing via wireless?
  18. What’s your ISP plan max speed ?
  19. I don’t see any test results for you
  20. What tokens are you referring to? I’ve never heard of tokens with respect to an ISP
  21. Give us a little more info about your network setup - a list of the devices that the devices you listed connect to - like cable modem/router, what’s the Ethernet path and the wireless path - where do they all come together?
  22. Read all the tabs here. https://testmy.net/legit-speed-test.php
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