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  1. I suggest calling them instead of emailing. Be polite but persistent. Keep calling them. If they can’t resolve it from their regular support phone people, tell them you’d like to elevate the issue and talk to a manager or supervisor.
  2. If it’s useful for this discussion here, post it here.
  3. I’d call Hughesnet and tell them what you’ve found and ask them if they have a better router. If they don’t have a better one, ask them for a list of compatible routers then look at reviews of them. Post the list here too, and perhaps someone will post back with info about one or more of them.
  4. Plug your computer directly into the modem via Ethernet and report what you see. Also, read the Speed Test Legitimacy info under the Extras menu. ISPs offering Gigagbit networks are advertising a theoretical limit to their capability.
  5. Are you connected via wireless or Ethernet ?
  6. @CA3LE is it just randomly generated bit patterns of ones and zeroes? The word “information” makes it sound like the information has some intelligent content. Maybe use “numbers” or “bit patterns” ?
  7. That’s a good thing to do - and info from any others in the area
  8. I just tried opening a YouTube video on my iPad Air 2 and it only took about 1 second to load and start playing. I was outside on my deck at the fringe of my wireless range. I got RTs of 70 to 200 mS and download speeds of 7.5 to 21.5 Mbps out there. I typically get 200 Mbps inside the house and RTs of typically between 50 & 100 mS. I’m in the US using Spectrum @CA3LE - the time-of-day showing for the RT is one hour later than the time for the download test results.
  9. I don’t see any test data here on TestMy for you?
  10. You mentioned that your TV is a smart TV. What kind of performance do you get when using the TV wirelessly without the i don’t have any experience with IPTV.
  11. What’s your advertised speeds ?
  12. There’s more than one. We’re not on the site continuously.
  13. @CA3LE I like having the dark mode option. Thanks. I noticed that on the Results page, the Light/Dark selector link at the bottom of the page isn’t there. It’s there on the Download and Upload pages. The date range selector on the Results is pretty cool too. The downside is when you want to display say 6 months of results, you have to scroll the calendar when you used to be able to just enter a number of days. Not sure if you can come up with an easy way to allow the user to just enter the number of days.
  14. I don’t see any test results for you yet here at TestMy. Run some tests here.
  15. Good idea Sean. I was going to suggest trying a phone or tablet on WiFi.
  16. One cause could be that those people at work are mostly not on your Mediacom so the bandwidth load at Mediacom is much more severe after they get home from work. You could ask them to switch you to a different path in their equipment. And ask them if they have a bandwidth pinchpoint in your local area. Gathering the test data is good to have on hand when talking to them. Be patient but persistent with them.
  17. There’s an Export button right below the graph on the Results page - link to that is in the upper right section of the home page (my results)
  18. I’m still not sure what numbers you’re looking at. Where do you see them?
  19. What page are you on where you see those numbers like 61/29/11?
  20. I don’t see any TMN Test data for you
  21. My wife and I watched the movie A River Runs Through It again the other day. Montana sure is beautiful.
  22. Select the Results tab and choose the number of days you want to view
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