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  1. mudmanc4 added a topic in Broadband & Technical News   

    The ad-block-alypse has arrived
    Shine, the Israeli mobile ad blocking company that works with mobile carriers to block ads at a network level, has announced Jamaica-based operator Digicel as its first official customer.
    While Digicel is a small company, the move is potentially seismic: For the first time, an ad-blocking company will be switching off all ads on the mobile web and in apps, for all customers.
    For web publishers in Jamaica, the ad-block-alypse just arrived. If the rollout is successful — from the carriers' point of view — it could spur other, larger companies to start blocking ads worldwide.
    Digicel will first deploy the technology to customers in Jamaica, before rolling the "ad control" service out to other markets in the Caribbean and the South Pacific. Intotal it has 13.6 million subscribers across 31 markets. The system blocks display and video ads in both mobile browsers and apps. The apps part is significant, because the mobile ad blockers in the market right now can only block ads on the mobile web.
    If a company like Google, for example, wanted to a serve an ad to a customer on the Digicel network, Google would have to sign up to a code of conduct and share some of the associated ad revenue it from ads served with Digicel. If Google chose not to, then the ad would be blocked by Shine's technology.
    While it might sound like an unreasonable proposal, companies like Google and Amazon already pay significant sums to Eyeo, the owner of popular ad blocker Adblock Plus, for their ads to appear on its "Acceptable Ads List" and pass through the blocker's filters.
    Furthermore =========>
    Ad blocking on mobile has been possible for a while — with services like Adblock Plus and TrustGo allowing users to control the amount of advertising they see on apps and the mobile web. But a new Israeli start-up called Shine claims to have backing from the major wireless carriers, which could seriously threaten the mobile advertising industry.
    There are some 144 million active ad blocker users around the world, a number that grew 70% between 2013 and 2014, according to PageFair and Adobe.
    The rise of ad blocker usage clearly have the potential to seriously damage publishers' online revenue — advertisers won't pay for ads that aren't served.
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  2. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Dish Satellite, is it always this bad?   

    Would you mind running a few small tests for us to have a look at? 
  3. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Google Chrome and the dam Aw Snap BS .   

    As far as 'edge' goes, my first couple of weeks using it (when it's usable) it's more of a platform for facebook type connections. 
    Why would they remove activex ability, there are more security flaws in the underlying OS than activex scripts 
  4. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Win 7 and Win 10 to Tweak or no?   

    Good question. 
    I've not had the time to get into where the goodies reside to tweak in 10 as of yet. Someone surely has, but please , post your finding when you do yes? 
  5. mudmanc4 added an answer to a question TWC upload speed is utter garbage   

    They should schedule a tech, check the drop for faulty cable, connections at the port, and ground issues. 
    Pay attention to splitters, make sure if there are any in the dwelling, they are connected properly (modem line going straight through, not off to one of the extended ports)
  6. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Noob question on Multithread test   

    I have two things. 
    First, the page load of the site you mentioned is less likely to be on your end then something in between, or more likely the server itself. I just loaded it myself, and it crawls. 
    Secondly, from my understanding, the multithreaded test, is more reality than not. Considering most sites today link multiple resources, even on the pageload itself. Can be from any one or dozens of servers worldwide. 
    Therefore the multutest, pulls from resources located in various geographical location to simulate 'real world' downloading. 
  7. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Unable to run any tests   

    Yea it was just off humor
    You mentioned room mate. Are you by any chance in a college setting? 
  8. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Unable to run any tests   

    Kill it before it breeds, it's not realistic 
  9. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Unable to run any tests   

    Start another profile on your machine, and test with that.
  10. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Unable to run any tests   

    So the wireless setting are the same after all this? 
     Did you have a password to get into your wifi? (I know you do)
    No remote is necessary.
    My recommendation at this point would be to skim over how to telnet into my router. Though, the fiormware might be inaccessible. 
  11. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Unable to run any tests   

    And after you attempt to drain the internal capacitor(s), and run the previous procedure, with cable and all unplugged, power it off, 
    Hold the reset button in, and plug it in to the power. 
    Only then screw the cable back in. 
    To see what's happening, leave the cable removed, do these procedures and see the complaints and different GUI objects that may or may not be available. Read the logs, get an idea of what it's trying to do before it syncs with the ISP. 
    If this all fails, were getting dirty with it, and we'll telnet in there and command it to lose it's memory   
  12. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Unable to run any tests   

    Geezus, there must be capacitors in that thing. 
    Honestly, when you want to be offline for a bit.
    Unplug everything again, the power cord ends that plug into the wall, short them out for 10 seconds or so. With a screwdriver. 
    Now listen here, and forgive me if I sound rash, or abrasive, stay away from the wall outlet with the screwdriver!  This procedure has NOTHING to do with the wall, or anything near it.  (I know you know this, but someone at some point will come along and instead of crapping their pants that day, will cram a screwdriver in the wall) So disclaimer out of the way
    Just attempt to drain the internal caps by shorting the leads, give it at least ten seconds.
    Then leave it sit for as long as you can, 5 minutes, 60 minutes, all night, short it again. Then proceed to 'factory reset' the thing. 
  13. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Unable to run any tests   

    It's obviously not resetting to factory. 
    I might follow the same procedure, again, only after removing all connections to the device. (Cable, cat5/6) I've run into this before, and that has worked. 
  14. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Unable to run any tests   

    Does this modem also service your phone, or have the ability to? 
    Does the modem have a battery?
  15. mudmanc4 added a post in a topic Unable to run any tests   

    I might do a hard reset on the modem. 
    From everything you have stated, there appears there could be some sort of QOS, or quality of service setting in the modem for the subnet the hard wired connections are using. 
    Make sure to do what we call a 30/30/30 reset:
    Locate the pinhole in the modem (reset button)
    Usually we use a paper clip
    While the power is on, press, and HOLD the reset button. ( remembering you will be holding the reset button without fail, for ~90 seconds + )
    Watch the clock or count to at least 30 second, more is fine. 
    Now remove power for another 30 seconds at least (while continuing to hold the reset button in)
    Now plug the unit back in (while continuing to hold the reset button in for a further 30 plus seconds)
    make sure you are comfortable for the process, 90+ seconds contorted to hold reset button in can seem longer than it truly is