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  1. Prediction time

    Should be interesting to hear what NATO comes up with, to keep the planet from falling into chaos.   Two NATO countries battling it out in public, not necessarily a fantastic sign.
  2. So how goes windows 10???

    Keep in mind that java, and javascript are two different animals.
  3.   Two day old system with more than 200 gigs of logfiles Thanks so much DBus    
  4. automatic testing

    Here are the two tests that were taken from your computer while not logged in. There are very specific settings for the auto speed test. All of which are completely ended when the browser tab is closed as TriRan mentioned. Are you referring to another computer than you are posting from?
  5. internet

    I did notice that quite some time ago, great addition to the tool chest. Simply promoting testing once the user signs up, signs in, to entice them to take the tests for their future reference and have a database for their usage at any later date. Which can be pulled in various ways for presentation.
  6. Oh No - it's the 2016 elections :face palm:

    Trump or sanders? which flavor are you?
  7. internet

    So the plot thickens. Your on top of it CA3LE.  
  8. internet

    Run a few speedtest at, using the closest server to you get a log of the times it is slower, what speeds do you believe you should be getting?
  9. There are many features here at, most of which cannot be set via cookie, considering personal preferences on the view must be associated with a profile.  As far as I am aware, viewing results of city / ISP or member ranking does not require a profile. Maybe I am missing what you are saying. 
  10. Whatchy'alldoin'?

    Roll with it you know, let it go.
  11.   You can look a bit closer at results And by the city As well as here by the member ranking   I would not say misleading, considering those particular results are labeled as a 'proxy'
  12. Run a few more tests from different servers, and 2Mbps is not all that bad, seen much much worse. 
  13. So how goes windows 10???

    Could be. I am aware of how many hidden directories there are, and how wifi tries to bridge with everything around it, I've just not dug in too deep yet. I should get to it.
  14. So how goes windows 10???

  15. So how goes windows 10???

    Nice pussy.    Windows 10 is on one machine here, where the primary user does no 'wandering about' in 'places' on the net in which todays underbelly of social diseases require electrons to propagate.    So far no complaints from said user.  Myself however log an enormous amount of LAN traffic to and fro said machine. At some point I might sift through and see what exactly this thing is collecting, not really a concern at this point.