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  1. I can agree completely, while adding the opinion, if they as in Adobe, would have been open source/ non proprietary, contributors would have certainly embraced the fleeting resource. However since not so much, reality took over long ago, for instance HTML5
  2. I think it's fantastic!!! Anyone who has a new iPhone, and a drill bit + thinking something as asinine as this might work, actually could use this as a learning tool, maybe for a plethora of reasons, but mostly to get a clear understanding of reality. The idea that anyone would do this certainly draws the line between cognitive function and and explanation as to why there are even videos like this. Fantastic! And No, neither myself, nor approves or condones anyone attempting to drill a hole in their iPhone. geezus, I was actually, morally compelled to say that
  3. Seriously, if people are really drilling their iPhone expecting something, anything positive to come from this task, please send me your iPhone7 before cranking up that power drill. Hilarious to say the least.
  4. This is a subjective injection of truly obscene abuse of reality in my opinion, is using part of what made your past great, in the attempt to perpetuate your existence in the sector by mixing some obscure cocktail in hopes if inoculating your own demise. To put this another way, much like getting all sweaty with the team, pounding away at the keyboard working to get that 'fix' for a system wide exploit, there after rolling in dry sand to claim it can be done painlessly, all the while rubbing ointment on the nether regions and itchy sand fleas wondering why you have rash ass. This move inspires thoughts of a deranged scientist in a fully funded (via other projects) in some concrete/ steel fluorescent lit lab 27 stories underground in an old WW2 base (much like the long haired dude from the movie Independence Day; "they don't let us out of here very often, as you can imagine") trying to reanimate the dead, just because he has the resources to attempt it. Pure mental masturbation. Have we not proven alternative means which would otherwise show themselves as a much 'better', or appropriate I should say means for video, advertising, and malware. Let it go Adobe, just let it rest in pieces. Is there not another venue to exploit and name proprietary? Appearances are everything? Then this attempt of re-animation give the appearance more of an attempt to perpetuate the botnet industry than actually assisting with the forward momentum of media access for the masses.
  5. [...] The NPAPI version of Adobe Flash Player is the version that runs natively on the system. It installs on your operating systems and all the applications can access it. It means all the browsers running on your system will display Flash content on the web using the NPAPI. Adobe, in 2012 had discontinued the NPAPI version of Flash player for Linux and promised only security updates till 2017. But recently, Adobe announced that it will completely support NPAPI for Linux. More on that later. [...] The PPAPI version of Adobe Flash Player is the product of a collaboration between Google’s Chrome and Adobe. NPAPI is native, had a great performance, but the whole concept of NPAPI had become irrelevant and there was a need for something different. Something advanced. Google was looking to re-define some basic parameters regarding how the Web worked. Web apps or web based applications that could work on computers, without the bias of platform were the ultimate ambition of Google in this division. (I must say It’s doing pretty good.) [...] Source
  6. So I was just given these things by a friend who knows I do peppers. He doesn't remember what they were called, but the one looks like a carolina reaper, considering the tail. Yes? The others I have no inclination. My regular peppers are habeneros and I've just started eating scorpions.
  7. Nice, how is that upload?
  8. If this were my situation I would continually be in contact with the support staff at the ISP, many time more than not, persistence pays off.
  9. After a bit of searching , it appears that WowWay could be in the 'wow_access' database. More data mining would have to be done to be sure, or @CA3LE would certainly be able to say.
  10. May I suggest you eliminate the router for testing, and connect directly to the modem, then test New York. is explain there is an issue beyond what the ookla server running within the ISP network is showing.
  11. Whatever you are trying to accomplish will need more information before anyone can assist you, try TOR
  12. Found this guy in one of the tomato plants. Seems he's being eaten by parasitic wasps. These tiny wasps were laid on the worm, then make cocoons and feed of the worm until they hatch. Doesn't look as if worm is going to become that moth it's striving to be.
  13. Who's in the know about a decent terminal emulator for Android. I don't want bloated garbage, ads or nagware, I'd rather toss the coder a chunk of change and have a solid stable app.
  14. It could happen right? Or am I simply not seeing it?
  15. What are the chances there has been some sharing on that other site, or other such means to get the image association, fairly high is my thought.