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  1. Thats not Liptons fault. Besides they make some other shit too. Alright Ill get out of here and let the Tea Bagging re start. Damn we need a tea bag emot.
  2. :grin: Yea after I thought about it I figured you would say he was the Anti Christ if he performed Godly acts. :evil6: Course to be fair I wondered that about Bush at times.
  3. Only by you. Besides, look me in the face and tell me Lipton will ever get a chance at national exposure like that again. Poooor Lipton. You bastards should have invited them. :evil6:
  4. Yea I agree with Ryan. I wont touch the moral implications that is on you. You could find the law after you though, even if on trumped up charges.
  5. You can be sure Im gonna try it when I get home. I get so sick of waiting on that site. Not sick enough to pay.... but just under that in the sick department.
  6. Nah they screw up every year on the long drive.
  7. I wonder if anyone served tea at the parties? Lipton should have gotten in on that shit. The Lipton Tea parties. Free tea bags to protesters and good publicity for Lipton. Makes sense to me.
  8. Dangit. I will post from home later if I can find the program I used. It was super simple.
  9. Please do, if it works then others will know.
  10. Hope it works out good man. If not and nobody else comes up with anything else I think I have a trial of the program I used at home that will do it for sure. I will check later after work if you still need it.
  11. Oh yea, it is against the rules to post anything illegal though such as workarounds for copyrighted material and such. We just want to make sure no rules are broken. No problems man. It is just a file hosting service. Nothing illegal there. Anyone can upload anything and it is up to the user to be responsible for what is uploaded. The service is absolutely legal. I dont see how this workaround that was posted could be illegal but again, I dont know. I dont think there is a problem.
  12. Give me a sec. Ill see about that program i was talking about. The program I used was a paid partition manager but I believe [email protected] will do the same thing for you under its free trial period. http://download.cnet.com/Active-Boot-Disk/3000-2094_4-10450840.html?tag=mncol Good luck man.
  13. Im not sure if this is something that should be posted or not. Basically they host files and if you dont pay you have to wait a certain amount of time to download. Your not getting anything you wouldnt have just faster. I dont think this workaround works anymore. It used to. There was a plug in for firefox that would do it for you but they dont work in the US anymore. Up to you momma. Its a techy thing and I dont think it is breaking any laws but what do I know.
  14. Shug7272

    New Member

    Welcome! :grin2:
  15. There is also a free program that makes it easy to do, just point and click but I cant remember it.
  16. DAMN! Maybe? Cmon man if he did some Godly acts even you would have to give him some credit. :haha:
  17. I read an article that was really well written the other day. It was titled along the lines of "As long as we pay people to be poor there will be plenty of poor people." It changed the way I view some things and made good sense.
  18. Your right there water. I still disagree about the parties but I have made my side known. I dont know what America will look like in 10 years but I am convinced it will be either much better or much worse. Unless humans as a whole surprise me it will be for the worse, but hey you never know.
  19. Your absolutely right. You do know that you are a potential terrorist if you talk about the constitution or teach it.. Right? No, Im serious. Mad world. Im not saying that nothing good came of the tea parties or that they werent good. Just that they were organized with a purpose in mind by a political few and as far as "grass roots movements" go IMO this wasnt one.
  20. No I mean you screwed up by NOT posting your opinion and only posting fact. That is frowned upon you know. If America were what the founding fathers had set up it would be awesome!
  21. See water here is where you screwed up dear. You QUOTED the founding fathers and what they set up. People dont like that. They like to say WHAT the founding fathers would have wanted but they dont like to actually read what they wanted. Just like all of the quotes by the founding fathers warning about banking and saying the people needed arms to stand up to our own government. We twist their words to mean what we want them to mean. If you or I said some of things Jefferson said we would be terrorists!!! Seriously!
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